Our Mission.
What makes us tick.

Why: We believe that nothing is impossible, and that chemistry can change the game.

How: To change the game, our innovative products unleash the power of natural chemistry.

What: HEX Performance creates advanced cleaning agents and products engineered to work on high tech performance gear and apparel.

How it all started.
When sports and pro cleaners collide.

For years, the scientists at BactiBarrier have been mastering the art of providing safe bacteria free environments for hospitals, schools, and the hotel industry. They created a two-part system first to eliminate bacteria and second to protect against future growth to make sure that these environments are clean and protected. The results are clean, odor free, and healthy environments for the most demanding circumstances.

Then one of our employees, a long-time professional athlete, saw a need for a product like this in the performance world. There’s a smell that can build up in gear and athletic apparel that doesn’t come out, no matter how many times it’s cleaned. In fact gear is just outright disgusting – the constant sweat creates an odor that won’t go away. The car, house, and environment become a smelly locker room and forces a quarantine of gear in cold garages or anywhere to be free of that smell.

So our scientists created a new formula designed specifically for performance gear and apparel. They took that and threw all of his sweaty gear and apparel in the wash, and what came out was groundbreaking. His clothes and his gear, even the items that he thought couldn’t be cleaned, were completely cleaned and odor-free. What’s more, he discovered that his gear stayed that way for weeks afterwards.

We took that same formula and created HEX Performance – a product that would change the game for athletes, moms, and anyone that sweats.

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