Sport Wash for Shoes
Have you ever been in a car, plane, or just sitting at home watching TV and got a whiff of a nasty smell coming from somewhere around your feet? It’s probably coming from the bacteria breeding ground you have created in or on your sandal, sneakers, or flip-flops. During the summer this happens not only to athletes but also from common folk like you and me. We just don’t wear socks as much. Sure, your feet may be cooler, but what grows between the toes will eventually make it to your nose (or someone elses).

Well you’ve probably heard about all of the ways to get the funk out of your summertime shoes, but there’s a product that will take all of the guessing out of your stinky foot odor issues. HEX® has created a solution to the pollution. Their 2-part cleaning process first restores by cleaning out what causes the odor. Then follows that up with a long-lasting odor protection treatment. You’ll feel more comfortable in your sandals, tennis shoes, and flip flops for the rest of the summer because those nasty odor fumes are contained and controlled.

Clean & Protect your footwear with premium cleaners and odor protectors.
Restore, Protect & Maintain

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