It’s amazing over the years how many different suggestions people have to remove odor from hockey gloves. Many products and remedies fall short of fixing the problem. What they need to do is remove the sources of odor and provide protection that lasts!  The science of odor removal for sports equipment and clothing has rapidly changed. Pay attention to the date of the article, YouTube video or testimonial that was posted. Examine the claims carefully. While the suggestion(s) may have been the best option then, there’s something better available now.

Today, during this 2012 Stanley Cup Playoff season (Go Caps!), you can protect your sports gear, body, and hands from stench that sweaty hockey gloves and pads leave behind. You can also properly clean used equipment without falling prey to quick fixes that may damage your expensive hockey gear, just mask the stink or only temporarily neutralize harmful bacteria. Smelly hockey equipment can be cleaned and neutralized safely using eco-friendly products.

Manufacturers of high-performance athletic clothing and sports equipment know that you need to pre-treat gear with an odor barrier so that the sources can be controlled. This pre-treatment provides a balanced playing field, neutralizing unwanted pollutants and therefore providing protective, no stink odor free zones. In fact it is possible that no odor will be present if you protect and maintain any sports gear properly. So, if protection is not present or over the counter re-application maintenance sport equipment cleaners are not available, replacement is necessary sooner.  That’s good for the manufacturer… but not for the end user.

Lets take a close look at a foul smelling used hockey glove that has not been protected or maintained properly. We know that the odor that is caused by the combination of bacteria feeding and multiplying, soil and the presence of moisture. Now we need to eliminate odor by removing the sources of it.

Clean is defined as “free from unwanted matter or pollutants.” Removing odor or unwanted pollutants can be easily accomplished. That slippery odiferous bio-film is a breading ground for bacteria. Even if you have a sports laundry detergent, just throwing your hockey glove in a washing machine may not rinse or agitate this built up layer of stench out, especially if it is a front-loading, energy efficient (water saving) washing machine.

Here are steps on how to clean hockey gloves: 

Step 1:

Wash, scrub or clean away the soil and grease that has built up. This can be accomplished easily using 3oz of Clean+ Gear Renew concentrate in 5 gallons of water. What else do you need? A 5-gallon bucket or kitchen/utility sink, cooking pot scrub brush, a little elbow grease and 2-5 minutes. The odor will be gone. It’s guaranteed!

Step 2:

Immediately after step one, place your hockey glove into 3oz per 5 gallons of water dip of Protect+ Gear Shield. This provides long-lasting odor protection for up to a whole season. Air-dry or leave in sun.

Step 3:

For washing clothing and towels, Power+ Laundry Detergent is the premium sport wash detergent that you’ve been waiting for. It restores the wick ability of breathable fabrics and gets rid of that bad musty smell in your towels. Power+ Laundry Detergent not only cleans away the causes of odors it provides a bonded layer of long-lasting protection.

Step 4:

Add additional protection by applying On Demand+ Spray & Go an on location long-lasting spray for your equipment bag, gloves, gear, and footwear on the run.

So now you’ve got it! Hockey glove maintenance requires washing/rinsing out soil, sweat, and body oils with premium products that are scientifically designed to aid in eliminating bad smells.

Restore. Protect  & Maintain

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