Here is a call out to all of the coaches, soccer moms and dads, high school and college athletes. Sweat, dirt and bacteria eventually cause smelly odors. That odor in your shin pads can be eliminated! You can get rid of the sweat smells that disgust you and your friends every time you gear up for a practice or game.

Over the years my kids played with stinky knee pads, shin guards, elbow pads, gloves and cleats. There was never one sports specific product line that could solve all of my family’s body odor problems. But now there is. HEX was scientifically formulated to not only remove the odor but to also provide long-lasting protection from smells coming back.

Three easy steps to clean shin guards:

1. Visit and order Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash.
2. Follow the simple directions for removing the odor sources followed by application of long-lasting protection.
3. Completely dry. Then you use your clean/healthy and odor free shin guards over and over without having to worry about any odor problems.


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