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The science behind HEX Performance.

HEX Performance is the first-ever system designed specifically to clean and protect today’s high performance fabrics and athletic gear. Our scientists understand that when it comes to high performance, we can’t help but sweat. The problem is that sweat, dirt, oil, bacteria, mildew, and other pollutants contribute to odor that gets trapped in our gear and clothing. So we’ve broken down the science behind the sweat to provide long-lasting protection from the toughest odors.

We know the science
and the chemistry behind sweat.

The average human body has three to four million sweat glands. And believe it or not, sweat is odorless. Body odor is caused when the bacteria that lives on your skin digests sweat. HEX scientists understand the science behind sweat, and engineered a unique formula to deep clean and provide long-lasting protection from the toughest odors.

HEX controls odor associated with bacteria, mildew, and mold. It is specially formulated to attack the sources associated with the digestive sweat process by removing dirt, grime, oil, sweat, and other unwanted materials from gear and apparel. It also removes anionic residues left behind by ordinary detergents and pollutants.

HEX also cleans and protects gear and apparel with a unique, bonded barrier providing odor-fighting technology. This makes HEX the only system that provides long lasting protection.

Our tech is designed
for serious athletes.

As a system built by a professional athlete and cleaning scientists, we understand what it means to sweat. HEX Performance is the only system specially formulated to attack dirt, grime, oil, sweat, and other unwanted materials from performance gear and apparel. HEX deep cleans and creates a unique, bonded barrier that protects gear and apparel with odor-fighting technology, giving them long lasting protection from odors typically associated with bacteria.
With HEX, cleaning is no sweat.

High Tech Fabric and Gear

We focus on
performance fabric and gear.

The Game Changed in ‘96

That’s when the first “moisture wicking synthetic fabric shirt” was created, causing a market explosion around high tech fabrics. Now, almost two decades later, international mega companies have continued to push the boundaries of performance through their continued innovation of this technology.

But what hasn’t changed in all that time is the cleaning and care of those increasingly complex, high tech fabrics. Until today…

HEX Performance has engineered a system designed specifically to clean, protect, and maintain today’s high performance fabrics and athletic gear. The power of HEX Tech not only cleans and eliminates odors typically associated with bacteria and mildew, but restores wickability, provides antistatic protection, and even adds a degree of hydrophobic protection.

We ensure your gear & apparel
stays working at peak performance.

It doesn’t matter the sport you play, job you work, exercise you pick, which hill, slope, route, wave, or track you’re on, or even when you choose to do it. HEX can provide protection that lasts on any gear and apparel. The active ingredient built into HEX’s unique formula creates a bonded barrier of protection that provides 24-7 protection from the toughest odors.

So sweat on. Keep going. Run the extra mile. HEX won’t quit, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Eco Friendly Sport Wash

We don’t compromise
on environmental responsibility.

From our package designs to our carefully selected ingredients, environmental responsibility has always been at the core of HEX Performance. We never use dyes, perfumes/fragrances, or optical brighteners, and we’ve designed our formula to comply with the strictest retail environmental requirements.

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