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10 Common Laundry Mistakes You May Be Making

We’ve all been doing laundry for years! But does that mean we’re doing it correctly? Probably not – considering how much fabrics have changed over the last few decades. Here are ten common laundry mistakes that could be plaguing your wash day.

Common Laundry Mistakes

So you’ve at least mastered Ross and Rachel’s level of laundry expertise: not including a red shirt in a load of whites. But are these other sneaky mistakes wreaking havoc on your clothing?

Adding clothes before detergent

One snafu you could be making in your laundry routine is putting your detergent on top of your clothes. Detergent that is poured in on top of clothes sinks into those clothes and is less likely to thoroughly clean the rest of your clothes. Putting the detergent in first with the water can help it distribute more evenly.

Overdosing Detergent

Are you using too much laundry detergent? Possibly! Laundry detergent bottles have guidelines on their bottles to keep you from overusing. This will not only save you money, but it will also ensure that your washing machine doesn’t have trouble properly rinsing off all of the detergent.

Overloading the machine

Do you put off doing the laundry until you have a huge pile? Then you might also be prone to adding too many clothes to the machine in an effort to cut down on the number of wash loads. Doing fuller loads might even seem like the environmentally friendly choice, but in fact, overloading the washer and dryer can lead to damaged fabrics and machines.

Unlevel Machines

Is your washing machine level? Running cycles while your washing machine is not leveled can not only hurt the machine but also its environment. Unlevel machines can cause intense vibrations and knock things over and also damage the washer. Most models have adjustable feet that make leveling a breeze – check them out!

Lint Buildup

Your dryer’s lint trap is not the only place that lint can build up! Is your dryer not drying your clothes in one cycle? It may be worth checking the hose behind your dryer, as lint can build up here as well. It is a good practice to schedule to clean it out every few months.

Using Dryer Sheets

Another mistake you made be making during your routine is adding dryer sheets to your load. Dryer sheets were made to soften clothing made with natural fibers but that is not the case with most clothing nowadays. Especially workout clothes. With most modern clothing being made with synthetic fibers, dryer sheets can clog those fibers and lead to odor buildup.

how dryer sheets damage clothes

Doing it all in a day’s work

Setting aside one day to tackle the laundry pile could be a laundry mistake. It’s easy for that practice to lead to laundry burnout and make your folding chore a nightmare. Scheduling different days for different loads (ie. Monday = sheets day) or just washing when your hamper is full can help to solve this and distribute the work!

Assuming your washer will wash itself

Just because your washer spends it’s days cleaning your clothes doesn’t mean that it stays clean itself. Don’t skip out on cleaning out your washing machine every now and then to prevent any mildew buildup.

how to clean a washing machine

Stain Rescue

Often, our first instinct with a stain is to vigorously rub it until the stain goes away. But did you know, that is probably hurting more than helping? With most stains, blotting the stain and carefully working it out is better. Rubbing the stain is more likely to further ingrain the stain into the fibers. Also, don’t delay! Work on a stain right away instead of putting it off until saving it for later.

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Using The Wrong Detergent

Are you washing synthetics wrong? One final mistake you could be making on laundry day is using traditional detergents on your synthetic fabrics. They weren’t formulated to clean modern synthetics.

Instead, switch to HEX detergent. It will clean the stink in your synthetic clothing (which is likely most of your closet) and restore the fabric.

Live Clean with HEX Performance

Doing laundry doesn’t have to be a scary chore. Now that you know some of the most common laundry mistakes, you can actively avoid them and make great laundry decisions! Try HEX and see why it was just named in the top 5 laundry detergents on

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Laundry Mistakes you may be making