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10+ Ways To Use HEX Performance Spray & Go

HEX Performance Spray & Go

A gym bag essential with endless applications

You’re probably looking for a deodorizer spray to solve one particular problem. Maybe you suffer from your kid’s hockey glove odor, or perhaps it’s your own funky running shoes. If that’s the case, trust that HEX has your solution!

But this spray isn’t just a one-trick pony. We want you to get the most out of HEX Performance spray! This sleek spray bottle is a life-saver for any sports parent or gym goer. Use it as an odor spray for sports, pets, kids, and other smelly laundry problems. Here are some of the best uses for HEX Spray & Go.

Clean Your Shoes

Running shoes, athletic shoes, and cleats, of course. But don’t stop there! HEX Spray cleans all kinds of footwear – from Summer sandals to Winter boots. Just test it on a small, hidden area before treating the whole shoe.

how to get smell out of shoes

Yoga Mat Spray

If you don’t clean your yoga mat, it can get scarily dirty. Especially if you practice hot yoga or ever take your mat outside. But if you can’t machine wash it, what’s a yogi to do? HEX Spray & Go is an eco-friendly yoga mat cleaner.

easy way to clean yoga mats

Protect Workout Equipment

You wouldn’t skip washing workout clothes, so why do people neglect their gear? Treat weightlifting gloves, resistance bands, headphones, yoga blocks, braces, and headbands. It’s no surprise HEX Performance Spray & Go was included in a Men’s Health list of gear you need to conquer your boxing class.

essential gear for boxing class

De-Stink Sports Gear

Sweaty sports gear trapped in a gear bag might be the worst smell you ever encounter. But with HEX, that smell is gone. Wash gear with HEX Gear Wash, and keep it fresh between washes with HEX Spray & Go.

how to clean sports gear

Gym Bags

Finally, an easy way to clean a gym bag! To keep your gym bag free of sweaty bacterial stink, empty it out once a week and spray it down with HEX Spray & Go. You wouldn’t put clean clothes in a dirty gym bag, would you?

best way to clean gym bags

Traveling Clean

Keep this in your car for on-the-go freshening. You can use it to clean gear & luggage, freshen your shoes overnight. HEX Performance Spray is the best way to stay fresh when you can’t do laundry.

Fitness travel essentials

Clean a washing machine

Your washing machine needs washing, too. Especially after you switch from traditional detergents and have all that residue to remove. Spray it down with HEX Spray & Go to tame mildew smells in a washing machine.

how to clean a smelly washer

Fitness Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Gear spray is an easy gift for any runner or athlete. HEX protects their favorite gear. Plus, it’s the nicest way to tell your gym buddy their gear smells.

gift ideas for runners

Clean germy Winter gear

Most people don’t think about washing Winter hats, scarves, and gloves often. But during cold & flu season, anything you can do to protect yourself from germs helps! For winter accessories that aren’t machine washable, spray them thoroughly with HEX.

how to wash snow gloves

Clean the whole laundry room!

Laundry rooms collect lint, dust, and moisture. Clean up by wiping the machines with HEX Spray. Then clean & protect rugs, ironing boards, laundry hampers, and more with an easy spray!

spring clean the laundry room
Spray & Go

Get HEX Performance Spray

On the go, at home, or at the gym, HEX Performance Spray & Go is a gear game changer.

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