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7 ways you’re doing laundry wrong – and how to fix it

Are these outdated laundry routines ruining your clothes? Learn the new best practices for keeping your fabrics fresh. Update your laundry product repertoire, and stop using old practices on new, modern fabrics.
replace dryer sheets, softeners, and bleach

1. Using dryer sheets

Back when dryer sheets were invented and popularized, everything about laundry was different. The machines were rougher, fabrics weren’t as soft, and clothes meant for exercise weren’t made of sweat-wicking spandex.

So instead of using dryer sheets (which are also wasteful) opt for dryer balls and HEX laundry detergent, which prevents static in the wash.

the problem with fabric softeners

2. Using fabric softener on synthetics

Similar to dryer sheets, traditional fabric softeners are now doing more harm than good to fabric. Imagine a waxy film all over every piece of clothing you’re wearing. That’s how softeners achieve the cuddly-softness. When towels and workout clothes start to smell bad and the odor won’t go away, that’s a clue that detergent and softener residue are causing bacterial stink in the fibers.

the truth about fabric softener
Smelly Gym Clothes

3. Washing workout clothes with traditional detergent

Fabrics have changed. Workout clothes are made of synthetic fibers. Traditional detergents don’t clean these fibers. They clog them. Instead of eliminating odor, they mask it. Most sports detergents use the same science as traditional detergents, so they still fall short.

HEX cleans differently.

Need a new laundry regimen? HEX Performance is the answer

We created our laundry detergent formula from scratch, with modern fabrics in mind. So HEX actually deep cleans, and even protects all of your fabrics. The technology of the HEX Molecule is new to the laundry category, and it’s going to change your laundry game for good.

is too much laundry detergent bad

4. Adding too much laundry detergent

When you feel like your clothes need extra cleaning, do you add extra detergent? Because even though that seems logical, overdosing detergent often leads to negative results. The washing machine only has a preset amount of time to wash and rinse out the leftover detergent. So adding too much detergent can lead to residue on fabrics, excessive soap in the washer, mold, and possibly even damage to your machine. Not to mention, you run out of detergent faster!

why you shouldn’t use too much detergent

5. Overstuffing the dryer & using high heat

Are you adding everything that can possibly fit in the dryer and then using high heat to dry all those clothes? Two problems here. One, too much laundry in the dryer means none of those clothes can get enough air. And two, lots of fabrics today do better without exposure to excessive heat. That’s especially true with workout clothes. If you find that you’re stuffing the dryer, try getting in the habit of air drying some items like blouses, exercise apparel, and athleisure wear. Sweaters should also usually be laid flat to dry.

how to clean a washing machine

6. Not cleaning your washing machine

Notice a funky smell in your machine? Use a scrub brush or cleaning cloth to remove any gunk around the lid, seals, and dispensers of the washing machine. Then, keep washing laundry with an anti-odor laundry detergent for long lasting, stink-free results.

problem with scent beads

7. Adding fragrance beads to deal with laundry odor

The technology they use is capsulation: wrapping perfume around sources of stink. So while you smell flowers, what’s really on your fabric is bacteria. Fragrance does not mean clean. And doubling up on fragrance products will only make the problem worse by layering perfume on top of the stink!

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