Laundry Tip: How To Air Dry Clothes Faster


why air dry clothes

Got delicate items but no time for air drying? Air dry clothes faster with a towel or fan!

How to air dry clothes faster

Let’s speed up your air dry with just a few household items! Whatever method you use for hang drying laundry works. So whether you use clothes hangers, a clothes line, a drying rack, or various backs of chairs and towel rods, you’ll save time while saving energy!

towel to air dry laundry faster

Method 1: Remove more water before drying

  • Use a high spin setting on the washing machine, so that clothes are less wet when they come out of the wash
  • Roll clothing in a clean, dry towel to squeeze out water without wringing the fabric

Open window to air dry laundry faster

Method 2: Increase air flow while drying

  • Point a fan towards the drying clothes
  • Turn on a ceiling fan
  • Open the window
  • If laundry is hanging in the bathroom, turn on the air vent

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