Get HEX Online + Easy With Amazon Payments!

It’s easier than ever to get HEX online with our new Amazon Payments feature! Here’s how it works.

You love how easy it is to order on Amazon. You’ve safely stored your addresses and credit cards, and your order always gets there scarily fast. Now we’re bringing that familiar Amazon helpfulness right onto our HEX Shop.

To make it easier for you to get the best laundry detergent, we’ve updated your cart. You’ll see icons at the top to indicate the major credit cards in your wallet as well as Paypal and now Amazon Payments!

How To Use Amazon Payments

We know you don’t always have time to sit down and shop online when you need something. When you’re running through your day and want to quickly place an order from your phone, the last thing you want to do is enter a 16-digit credit card number. That’s why we’re pairing Amazon’s fast, easy, reliable form with our own Shop page.

To order with Amazon Payments:

  1. Add any HEX items to your cart
  2. Proceed to checkout and click the "Pay with Amazon" button
  3. Sign in to your Amazon account and choose from your saved addresses and cards to finish making your purchase.

Why pay with Amazon?

You get all the benefits of shopping with HEX (that means HEX Points and referral codes if you sign up for a free HEX account, and our whole bag guarantee) with the security and convenience you already have in Amazon.

Check out Amazon’s info and FAQ on Amazon Payments to make sure you’re supported, wherever you shop!


Try Amazon Payments!

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More ways to get HEX

We’re in more stores this year than ever before! If you need HEX ASAP, see if we’re in your local retailer and pick some up on your regular grocery run.

Where to buy HEX HEX on Amazon

Get HEX online with Amazon Payments

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