Best Detergent For Outdoor Clothing

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How do you find the best detergent for outdoor clothing and gear? Start here.

Find out how HEX cleans and protects synthetic fabrics. Get the stink and sweat out of outdoor clothing and make it last longer with HEX Performance Laundry Detergent

What's HEX? How to clean workout clothes

We get it, you've tried everything to get stink out of high-end outdoor clothing. From vinegar to scent boosters that cover up the stink, nothing has really solved your stinky synthetics.

HEX co-founder, Drew Westervelt, knows your struggle. He realized nothing in the laundry aisle was getting the foul smell out of his sportswear. That's why he created HEX.

How to clean outdoor clothing

Why is HEX the best detergent for outdoor clothing?

The only detergent built for today's fabrics.

Fabrics have changed. Your clothes are made of synthetic fibers. Traditional detergents don't clean these fibers. They clog them. Instead of eliminating odor, they mask it. Most sports detergents use the same science as traditional detergents, so they still fall short. But HEX cleans differently.

Powerful 6-in-1 formula, still green

HEX solves more than one problem. Your Patagonia, Columbia, and Eddie Bauer gear is often made using sustainable methods. So wash it with a detergent that's just as environmentally friendly! HEX products are all designed to seriously clean today's fabrics. They eliminate stink and protect against future stink, all without sacrificing the environment.

HEX review outdoor clothing and gear

Get HEX for clean outdoor clothing + gear

Let HEX reverse the damage done by traditional detergents! Featured on Hike It Like It, Men’s Health, Runner’s World (and more) you can trust HEX on your high-performance outdoor clothing. Plus it’s guaranteed to get the stink out. And that truly makes it the best detergent for your adventurous lifestyle.

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HEX Performance Laundry Detergent for synthetics | Best Detergent For Outdoor ClothesHEX Performance: Best Detergent For Outdoor Clothes

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