Best Detergent for Workout Clothes

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Your long, tireless search for the best detergent for workout clothes ends here. HEX will rid the stink from your sweatiest gear, or your money back.

Let’s be honest, you’re not the only one who can smell those stinky workout clothes. The people next to you in the gym can smell it too. It’s getting to the point where you think you’ll have to throw out your foul-smelling activewear. But instead of trashing high-end workout clothes, let new HEX Performance solve your gym laundry problems.

What's HEX? How to clean workout clothes

We get it, you've tried everything to get stink out of gym clothes. From vinegar to scent boosters that cover up the stink, nothing has really solved your stinky synthetics.

HEX co-founder, Drew Westervelt, knows your struggle. He realized nothing in the laundry aisle was getting the foul smell out of his sportswear. That's why he created HEX.

HEX product review - best detergent for workout clothes

Why is HEX the best detergent for workout clothes?

The only detergent built for today's fabrics.

Fabrics have changed. Workout clothes are made of synthetic fibers. Traditional detergents don't clean these fibers. They clog them. Instead of eliminating odor, they mask it. Most sports detergents use the same science as traditional detergents, so they still fall short. HEX cleans differently.

Powerful 6-in-1 formula

HEX eliminates stink, static, and stains. And yes, we seriously mean it when we say we eliminate stink. Everybody says it, but we deliver results.

Clean + protect synthetic fabrics

While getting rid of the odor in workout clothes might make you want to shout from the rooftops, we didn’t stop there. HEX also prevents future stink and stains from returning.

Better yet? The biodegradable formula works wonders on all fabrics – not just workout clothes. So HEX isn’t just the best detergent to clean workout clothes. It’s the best laundry detergent for people who workout.

best detergent for gym clothes

HEX detergent for workout clothes

Ready to bring your workout gear back to life? HEX has been recommended by Runner's World, Esquire, Shape, and more, so you can trust it'll get the job done.

We guarantee HEX will clean your sweatiest activewear or your money back.

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