Are You Ruining Your Expensive Leggings By Washing Them?

With the average pair of Lululemon leggings ringing in above $100, it’s safe to say we are in the luxe era of workout fashion. And these pants (which yes, are definitely pants) are a closet workhorse. We’re all wearing leggings not only out on a run but also out to run errands, to work, or for a night out. And when you’ve got a different pair for each of these activities, you really don’t want to be replacing them every few months or so due to pilling or odor.

So in order to help preserve the world’s leggings, we dug into some of the most common mistakes we see leggings-wearers commit.

The Most Common Laundry Mistakes When Washing Leggings

(Put down the fabric softener, and no one gets hurt)

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  1. Using the same old basic detergent

    Wait, are we saying that laundry detergent can ruin your leggings? YES. Traditional detergents were created to clean natural fibers, like cotton. They’re pretty good at that, but synthetics are a whole new game with a new set of rules.

    If you want to get science-y with it, synthetic fibers are essentially plastics. They’re extremely fine and tightly-woven, which is why they seem to “hold on” to dirt and stink. (Yep, you aren’t the only one with smelly leggings). HEX Detergent, with its proprietary formula, is able to clean those fibers and remove deep-set grime. Ironically enough, a lot of that grime is “leftovers” from traditional detergents.

  2. Adding fabric softener or dryer sheets

    Fabric softener is a big no-no for washing activewear. Don’t just take our word for it– check the care tag on almost any item of workout clothing, and you’ll see the warning against using fabric softener. But dryer sheets are also detrimental to performance fabrics.

    Luckily for you, HEX Detergent is naturally anti-static!

  3. Washing and drying with heat

    For some clothes, the dryer saves time. For some, it helps reduce wrinkles. But for workout clothes, neither of those are necessary. Leggings dry quickly and won’t show a single wrinkle if you just hang them up! Reduce the wear and tear on your high-end leggings with a nice drying rack.

How To Care For Leggings

Because when you find the right pair, you don’t let it go.

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  1. Switch to HEX Performance Detergent for clean, protected pants

    HEX’s advanced Laundry Detergents and Fabric Boosters wash that “new” feeling back into leggings you thought were doomed. Better yet, when you wash brand new leggings with HEX from the start, they’ll have the best chance at a long, happy, stretchy life. (Another excuse to buy a new pair of leggings?? You’re welcome.)

  2. Tidy up your cleaning products

    You really don’t need a pantry full of products to keep leggings feeling new. Ditch fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, and DIY solutions for a simplified routine. More often than not, all those extra cleaners just mean more residue.

  3. Wash in cold water, hang to dry

    On top of knowing what to use & what to avoid on your fabric, taking the time to care for leggings goes a long way. After a sweaty workout, hang soaked activewear to dry before tossing it in the laundry pile. Avoid washing snag-prone fabrics with items that have zippers. Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle, and hang to dry.

protect fabric
Now your favorite workout clothes can last longer!

HEX Detergent protects expensive leggings and high-end activewear. Your Lululemon, Alo Yoga, or Bandier shopping spree can be an investment with the right tools to keep those performance clothes in shape.

How does it work? With other detergents, stink and microbes start building up as soon as you take it out of the washer. With HEX, the HEX Molecule is left behind to protect each individual fiber. The unique structure of the HEX Molecule delivers a host of benefits once it drys on the fabric. That’s why fitness instructors trust HEX to keep leggings performing longer.

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