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How To Clean CrossFit Gear


Got CrossFit gloves, grips, and wraps that are soaked with sweat and smell awful? Here’s the best way to clean CrossFit gear.

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Face it: CrossFit can be a pretty nasty sport. When you’re doing CrossFit right, you will sweat. And if you’re not sweating? Well, you either have a rare health condition, or you’re not working hard enough. Even the best sweat-wicking apparel can’t keep up with most CrossFit athletes. And there’s a likelihood that after the toughest WOD, you’ll just want to fall flat on those sweaty gym floor mats to recover.

There is hope for smelly CrossFit clothes, gloves, hand grips, shoes, and mats. If you’re tempted to throw them out because they stink so bad, just give these tips a try first. We’re sure we can rescue your smelly CrossFit gear and keep it performing longer.

How To Clean CrossFit Gear

CrossFit equipment is built to withstand all the sweat and weight you’re going to throw at it. If you take care of your gear properly, it’ll last you for a long time. But when you don’t know how to wash workout clothes and fitness equipment, things get smelly really fast.

Choose the right cleaning products

Today’s protective gear is designed with breathable, durable, technical fabrics. And that means it needs an advanced cleaning solution for those fabrics. If you try to clean CrossFit gear with traditional detergents, you’ll end up with fabrics that still stink and aren’t truly clean. And common household disinfectant sprays aren’t designed for fitness and sweat. HEX Performance products are built for these synthetic surfaces, and the sweat and bacterial grime that tends to build up on them.

HEX Molecule

Harness The HEX Molecule

Only HEX Performance products use the HEX Molecule – able to actually penetrate synthetic fibers and remove grime, stains, and bacterial stink while leaving a protective anti-stink shield behind.

How The HEX Molecule Works (in 1 minute)
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How To Keep CrossFit Gloves, Grips, Sleeves, and Wraps Clean

  1. After every workout:
    Spray gloves, shoes, and grips with HEX Anti-Stink Spray to keep bacterial stink at bay.
  2. Once a week:
    Wash CrossFit gloves either by hand or in a washing machine, according to the manufacturer’s care instructions. Since you might not wash gloves as often as your workout clothes, use HEX Gear Wash for a deep clean and long lasting protection.
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HEX Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash

HEX Dual Action Gear Wash

Introducing HEX Dual Action Gear Wash. This two-part gear cleaner is specially formulated to deep-clean, deodorize, and protect high-performance athletic gear. And it even works safely with a washing machine. So it’s a life saver for athletes and sports families.

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WOD. HEX. Repeat

Take your workout to the next level – without worrying about whether your neighbors can smell you. Get HEX today and give your athletic gear a new life. We guarantee you’ll love the way your fabrics feel, look, and smell with HEX as your laundry regimen.