Laundry Tip: How To Clean a Hamper


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Use HEX Spray to wipe down your laundry hamper before putting clean clothes back in

Why put clean clothes in a dirty hamper?

Your hamper has a dirty job. Every day you toss dirty, smelly, sweaty clothes into the basket and leave them until you have time to do laundry. So now it’s laundry day and you just put a whole load of dirty laundry into the wash. And when you pull it out of the dryer, are you gonna put your clean clothes right back into that hamper? Hmmm, that seems a little icky now, huh?

Well don’t fret. HEX’s main goal is to keep your clothes truly clean. So we’re gonna show you a special use for HEX Spray & Go!

how to clean a laundry hamper

How to clean a hamper

  1. Spray HEX Spray & Go all over the laundry basket from about 6-8 inches away
  2. If it's a fabric hamper, simply let it dry before using
  3. If it's a plastic hamper, wipe the surfaces dry with a soft cloth
  4. Fold the laundry – if you feel like it. We won't judge.

HEX Detergent white laundry basket

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