How To Clean Lacrosse Gear

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Wanna keep the sweat, stink, and grime from ruining high-end lacrosse equipment? Here’s how to clean lacrosse gear.

Can’t get rid of lacrosse gear permastink? Here’s your solution. We’ll show you the best way to clean lax pads, gloves, helmets, and more. And while you’re here, use code TRYHEX20 at checkout to save 20% on HEX Performance Gear Wash and Spray & Go

Extreme ways to tackle stink in hockey gear

Lacrosse gear is tough. And tough to clean! You spend good money on durable sports equipment to last a long time. But it smells awful, no matter how you've tried to clean it!

Drew Westervelt, former Team USA Lacrosse Pro, couldn't find a solution to clean his high-performance lax gear and workout clothes. So he created one. It eliminates stink and keeps the sweat, stink, and grime from ruining gear. Here's how to clean sports gear with HEX Performance.

How to wash lacrosse gear

How to clean lax gear in washing machine

With HEX and a washing machine, it's easy

That's right, washing machine. If your lax pads are tough enough to protect you, they're tough enough for a washing machine. Just keep away from heat which can cause warping.

  1. Follow the easy directions on your HEX Gear Wash.
  2. Add any gear that can go in a washing machine*. Don't be afraid!
  3. Wash in cold water. Air dry or tumble dry in low heat

* Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

HEX review how to clean lacrosse goalie gear

How to clean lacrosse gear without a washing machine

hex lacrosse gear deodorizer spray

How to wash lax gear without a machine

For helmets and other gear that can't go in the machine, use HEX Performance Gear Wash to hand wash. This method requires a large sink or bucket of water, a scrub brush, and some elbow grease.

How to eliminate lacrosse odor on the go

Keep a bottle of HEX Spray & Go on hand to clean, deodorize, and protect all your gear between washes. All you have to do is spray, let dry, and go.

Get the HEX Full Kit for clean lax gear

HEX Review: How to clean lacrosse gear

HEX was developed by a professional lacrosse player, so you can trust we understand your problem. The HEX Full Kit is the best solution for athletes and lacrosse families. These products are built to clean sportswear, gear, footwear, and everything that your family sweats in. Pick up some HEX today, and you’ll get 20% off plus free shipping!

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