How To Clean Smelly Leggings And Yoga Pants

It’s not just you. And your leggings are not the problem. Here’s the real reason behind bad smells in workout clothes, and how to clean smelly leggings and yoga pants.

Whether you’re wearing them to workout, to lounge, or both, you’ve probably noticed a strange smell in your leggings and yoga pants. You might think it’s a personal problem, a problem with your leggings, or just something to get used to. But guess what? Clothes don’t have to stink. Here’s the truth behind smelly leggings and how to clean smelly workout leggings and pants.

Why do leggings smell bad?

You’ve tried everything to get rid of stink. Unfortunately, nothing works and you’re starting to believe that clothes just end up smelly, and that you have to live with the stink. Or that you should simply throw out your pants and buy several more pairs.

You don’t have to live with smelly leggings

Thankfully, that’s not the case! Workout pants don’t have to stink. Sweaty clothes don’t have to be quarantined in your gym bag. There is hope. It starts with treating these clothes differently from what you’re used to. Because the fabrics are different from what you’re used to.


Spandex is different from cotton

Yes, cotton and wool function differently from spandex and polyester. When spandex gets stinky, it seems like avoiding synthetic fabrics is the way to solve your clothes problems. But why should clothing brands stop innovating? And can you imagine working out in 100% cotton?

That smell you notice when you start to stretch is most likely not caused by the fabric. It’s your detergent.

Blame your detergent

Since when does clothing have to be its own deodorizer? Traditional detergents see that fabrics are evolving, but they aren’t doing anything about it. They add new fragrances, more fabric softener, and different products that do the same old thing. Because of their lack of innovation, you’re left with nothing to really clean your workout clothes.

Enter HEX.

The best detergent for leggings and yoga pants

We see that fabric has changed. As a pro athlete, our co-founder Drew Westervelt knew first hand how bad athletic wear smells! We recognize the lack of innovation in the laundry aisle. We decided it was time for a new laundry detergent. One that cleans synthetics as well as cotton, tackles the toughest sweaty odors, is eco-friendly, and changes the way you do laundry. Refreshing, isn’t it?

how to wash smelly leggings

Detergent built for modern fabrics

    Tips for washing smelly leggings and yoga pants
  1. Stay away from fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and bleach
  2. Ditch regular detergent for good. Stick with HEX to keep odors away and keep leggings performing longer
  3. Try to wash them after every use
  4. Wash new leggings with HEX to help prevent stink
  5. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat

Keep leggings stink free with HEX

Your favorite high-waisted leggings and perfectly-fitted yoga pants need a good laundry detergent to keep them performing. For those leggings that you wear ALL the time, you really need HEX.

HEX-smelly-leggings-curehow to wash leggings

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