The Easy Way To Clean a Yoga Mat

If your yoga mat goes outside or into hot yoga sessions, you definitely need to know how to clean a yoga mat.

Have you ever used a shared yoga mat at the gym and found yourself wondering what’s on that mat? Sweat from our workouts and dirt from the floor leave a layer of grime that shouldn’t be part of your yoga flow. Even if you’re the only one using your mat and you only use it at home, you don’t want to get close to a dirty mat.

How dirty is a yoga mat?

Recent studies like this one by ELLE have shown that yoga mats (whether it’s your personal mat or one at a gym) are filthy. They’re often covered with bacteria that can cause infections. And you put your bare feet, hands, arms, and even face all over that. That means yogis are exposed to skin infections like athlete’s foot, staph, strep, ringworm, and more.

Many yoga mats are pocked with little holes and these organisms like to live in that, especially if you’re sweating -Dr. Robert Lahita

You’ve probably tried DIY yoga mat cleaners, like tea tree oil or vinegar, but they won’t fully do the job. ELLE’s study pointed out that, “if you really want a clean mat, you’ll need to reach for something stronger [than DIY cleaners].”

Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to get a clean yoga mat every day with HEX’s Spray & Go. Here’s how:

hex performance how to clean yoga mat

How to clean a yoga mat

First, grab a bottle of HEX Spray & Go on Amazon or here on our site.

To clean a sweaty mat: hold HEX Spray & Go 6-8 inches from the mat and spray thoroughly all over. Let dry fully before rolling up.

If there's dirt on the mat: Spray with HEX and use a cloth to wipe off dirt.

How to quickly dry a yoga mat

Lay a clean, dry towel on the mat and roll up the towel and mat. Squeeze as you roll to let the towel soak up excess moisture.

Yoga mat spray for home + studio

Corene, yoga and wellness teacher, loves HEX Spray & Go and Laundry Detergent for her yoga gear! Whether you practice at home or in a class, you can bring this yoga mat cleaner into the routine. Now you can start every day with a clean yoga mat.

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