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Competitor Running’s 7 Eco-Friendly Products For Runners

Competitor Running

HEX Detergent competitor running

Editors at Competitor Running knew HEX was a natural choice for this eco-friendly roundup.

7 Eco-Friendly Products for the All-Natural Runner
“HEX is an eco-friendly detergent, scientifically-designed to pull the stink out of your workout stuff”

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What Competitor Running Said About HEX

competitor running ecofriendly products for runners
While the science as to how this works is a tad complicated to explain here, this stuff is great

active family running clothes

Fabrics have changed.

Fitness instructor and writer Kimberly Dawn Neumann writes, “Most laundry detergents don’t address the needs of high performance, sweat-wicking synthetic fabrics.” She’s exactly right. Fashion and fitness trends have shifted over the past few decades and now, we estimate that over 60% of the average laundry load is synthetic or blended fabrics.

Regular detergents can’t clean modern fabrics

“Studies have shown that regular detergents actually increase the amount of hidden microbial particles in your workout clothes.”

HEX Stain Fighter and Laundry Detergent

New fabrics need a new detergent

Here’s where HEX comes in. Neumann recommends HEX for washing the stink out of running clothes. Competitor Running’s Executive Editor, Nicki Miller, also agrees that HEX is a must have product for runners. But HEX doesn’t stop there– the unique & eco-friendly HEX Molecule helps protect fabrics from future stink and stains.

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Eco-friendly detergents for running clothes

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