How To De-Stink and Clean Hiking Boots

After you put your boots through the ringer, make sure to take the next step to properly clean hiking boots.

Want your hiking boots to last a long time? Cleaning hiking boots regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep your hiking gear in good shape. Plus, nobody wants to keep muddy, smelly boots in the closet with the rest of your shoes.

When done right, washing hiking boots will get rid of the stink, wash off the dirt, and keep your boots protected from future sweat and stink. Here’s how HEX cleans hiking boots.

Doc Martens boots hiking

Dirt + rain + sweat + synthetic fabrics = super smelly hiking gear

How to clean hiking boots

HEX Performance Gear Wash is designed to tackle odor and dirt in all kinds of high-performance gear and footwear! We’ve discovered that most footwear can be machine washed, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to be safe.

HEX Performance Gear Wash

How to use HEX Gear Wash on hiking boots

  1. Brush or rinse off excess dirt and caked-on mud
  2. Check for manufacturer's instructions to decide whether you will be hand washing or machine washing your boots
  3. Follow the easy steps for using HEX Gear Wash on our How To page.

How to clean hiking boots in a sink

Smelly hiking shoes solution

When your boots don’t need a full bath, use HEX Spray & Go to deodorize

How to protect hiking boots

You don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) give your hiking boots a full bath after every trek. Here’s how to quickly and easily refresh smelly boots and shoes – even on the go.

Shoe deodorizer spray for hiking boots

How to use HEX Spray on hiking boots

  1. Remove laces and insoles
  2. Spray boots thoroughly– inside and out– with HEX. Don't be shy! Use plenty of spray to really soak the boots for best results.
  3. Let dry completely before wearing. Try to place the boots over a vent or by a fan to keep the air moving while they dry.

Hiking boot deodorizer - HEX Spray & Go

I use this for my cycling shoes and hiking boots. Works so well that I might use as underarm deodorant. – Amazon Reviewer

The best products to clean hiking gear

HEX Performance Full Kit - Free + Clear

Stop living with stinky synthetics! All HEX products are designed to seriously clean and protect today’s fabrics. Plus, we don’t compromise environmental stewardship.

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