How To De-Stink Workout Clothes

Learn the best way to de-stink workout clothes and bring them back to life!

Your workout routine doesn’t stop for sweat, dirt, or elements (like rainy marathons). Stinky workout clothes persist in every active person’s laundry basket. There are tons of DIY methods out there that attempt to tame the stink, but they are only temporary fixes. There’s only one way to wash workout clothes if you want to actually get rid of sweat smells in activewear.

Use the best detergent for workout clothes

This detergent takes care of those sweaty smells and keeps them away. All you have to do? Press start.


How does HEX de-stink workout clothes?

HEX Performance Advanced Laundry Detergent is different from every other detergent on the shelf. Traditional laundry detergents were designed to clean traditional fabrics like cotton. Since they don’t clean synthetics, your clothes will keep stinking as long as you keep using regular detergent.

HEX is rethinking clean! This detergent was born in the age of athleisure and designed to clean all kinds of modern fabrics. The HEX formula is unique and biodegradable. It actually cleans and prevents odor caused by bacteria, rather than masking it.

Don’t just take our word for it. HEX has been recommended time and time again from sources like Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Gear Institute, Shape, and more.

Pumps and iron - how to wash workout clothes

How to de-stink workout clothes with HEX

Always follow the instructions on your apparel care tag.

  1. Add HEX detergent to your machine's detergent receptacle
  2. Add all your laundry - workout clothes and more
  3. Turn the temperature setting to cool water (recommended for most activewear)

Boom. Easy. Done as soon as you press start on the washing machine!

Go the extra mile against workout odor

These pro tips add up like bonus points when caring for activewear. Care for your workout clothes properly, and they’ll last you longer!

Nicole Perry (Pumps & Iron) washes her workout leggings with HEX

Tips for washing workout clothes

  1. Stay away from fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and bleach
  2. Ditch regular detergent for good. Stick with HEX to keep odors away and keep workout clothes performing longer
  3. Try to wash workout clothes after every use
  4. Wash brand new workout gear with HEX to help prevent stink
  5. Dry gently: we recommend air drying or tumble drying on low heat

Sometimes, sweat smells are really bad. You’ve been sweating in these clothes constantly, and your regular laundry detergent has failed you. So the odors seem inescapable. HEX can eliminate those odors! But give us a few washes before making final judgments. HEX gets better and better with use, so if you still smell something after the first wash, be persistent.

HEX empty bag guarantee

Be more persistent than the odors

We believe in our product. A lot. In fact, we’re offering a guarantee: if you use the whole bag of detergent on one set of laundry items and you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll refund your purchase.

Live clean and stink free with HEX


Scented or unscented? Single dose or liquid? It's up to you! Pick your preference- any of these will rid grime and stink from workout gear and more.

If it works, why stop at activewear? Use HEX Laundry Detergent for all your laundry needs!

“Two thumbs up! No need to presoak with detergent and baking soda to get all those performance fabrics fresh. Best part…I can pick it up at my local grocer” – Jennifer, Facebook fan

Get the stink out of sweaty workout clothes for good with HEX detergentGet the stink out of sweaty workout clothes for good with HEX detergent

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