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DIY Laundry Room Projects To Makeover Laundry Day

These DIY laundry room projects might actually make you excited to do laundry.

… or at least excited to look at your beautiful, functional laundry room. Turn that cluttered room into an organized system with custom DIY shelving, storage solutions, and folding drying racks. Even just a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference! Try these decorating and organizing ideas to upgrade your laundry room. We love these looks because they’re as clean and fresh as your clothes will be after washing with HEX! Just click the images to go to the instructions for each DIY laundry room project.

Make DIY laundry room counters

A Beautiful Mess DIY Laundry Room Shelves DIY laundry room shelves on washer and dryer

If you’ve got front-loading machines, turn the tops into counter space! The waterfall countertop by Vintage Revivals makes the room look instantly clean. Perfect for pre-treating stains and folding (if you’ve got time for that). Add the easy DIY shelves from A Beautiful Mess next to the machines for custom storage.

Images by: A Beautiful Mess and Vintage Revivals

Use walls for laundry room organization

Laundry room peg board wall storage Home Depot DIY Laundry Room Storage

Make that wall space work overtime with clever shelving solutions. Pegboard looks pretty classy in white, and there are unlimited ways to cleverly attach items to the pegboard. Sincerely, Sara D. uses her wall for laundry supplies and some laundry room art! We could see one of those baskets dedicated to all the stuff you find in boys’ pockets while doing laundry.

Another affordable solution is using wooden crates as wall shelves, as shown here by Home Depot and East Coast Creative Blog. Paint the crates whatever color you’d like, and add supplies and decorations for a clean look!

Images by: Sincerely, Sara D. and East Coast Creative Blog via Home Depot

Go for a full laundry room makeover

View Along The Way - DIY Laundry Room Makeover Laundry room makeover from Southern Hospitality

Is your laundry room so bland you don’t know where to start? These laundry room transformations will give you hope! View Along The Way‘s series of DIY laundry room projects include adding a patterned wall (without wallpaper), building and installing shelves, redoing vinyl floors, and adding a wall-mounted drying rack.

Southern Hospitality shows that a basement laundry room can be pretty.

Images by: View Along The Way and Southern Hospitality

Add a DIY drying rack and more

jenwoodhouse Laundry drying rack DIY Polished Habitat - Laundry room DIY lint bin

Once you’ve got the perfect laundry room shelving, organization solutions, wall color, and counters, get into some details! Drying racks can be pricey, but you can make your own with the tutorial on The House of Wood. A lovely lint bin looks more like a decoration than a trash can, and mounting it on the wall means one fewer thing kicking around the laundry room floor.

Images by: The House of Wood and Polished Habitat

What your laundry room is missing

HEX Detergent white laundry basket

Upgrade your laundry detergent

HEX Performance is a new, modern laundry detergent that cleans stink, stains, grime, and odor caused by bacteria. We make your laundry day better by getting clothes seriously clean the first time around, so you aren't stuck rewashing laundry.

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