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What You Don’t Know About That “Fresh Laundry Smell”

Whether you prefer a whiff of lavendar or tropical fruit in your laundry, you need to know what’s hiding under that “fresh laundry smell”

why do my clothes still smell after washing

What Does That “Fresh Laundry Smell” Mean?

Have you noticed more laundry scents and scent boosters popping up on shelves in recent years? Brands are competing to offer the longest lasting laundry scent. There are new bottles of stuff in the laundry aisle that don’t clean anything. They just add more fragrance. Now you’re using 3 or more different products in each wash just to get the desired “fresh laundry smell”! So why do they need all this fragrance?

Their reason for laundry scents

Fragrance shouldn’t be a necessity. For some people with sensitive skin, fragrances can actually be an irritant. So why are heavy scents so common in laundry detergents? You might think it’s just because people like nice smells. But the truth is, traditional detergent companies use scents to cover up the odor in your laundry.

They can’t actually clean out the stink, so they add fragrance. As the problem persists, you need more and more fragrance. And they deliver, knowing that if they went fragrance-free, you would smell what’s really hiding in your clothes.

other detergents make clothes stink

The problem with their laundry scents

smelly rugby shirt

Masking the real problem

The fresh laundry smell they provide is tricking you into thinking the product works. But instead of washing away the stink, they actually make the problem worse. They trap odors and dirt in laundry by clogging fibers, and that really stinks.

smelly laundry

Chemical fragrances build up on fabric

Today’s fabrics are made to breathe, stretch, and wick sweat. All that build up from traditional detergents messes with the fabric’s ability to do those things.

And what about the environment? “Long lasting fragrances” = long lasting problems. Their laundry perfumes contain hazardous chemicals. That’s not the kind of stuff you want wafting through your home, is it?

A Breath of Fresh Air

HEX laundry scents are different

Fragrance-free and odor-free

You don’t want your laundry scent to be your cologne, right? We created a fragrance-free detergent that actually removes tough odors. Nothing to hide.

HEX Fresh Clean Scent Laundry Detergent

Fragrances that delight, not disguise

Who doesn’t like a pleasant smell when you open the washer door? We created our Fresh Clean Scent with a natural, biodegradable fragrance. It’s more subtle than most detergents, built for your clothes and your nose.


If you love the scent, try our fabric boosters

A fabric-friendly, environmentally-friendly, skin-friendly laundry additive. Dryer sheets and fabric softeners aren’t safe for synthetics, we developed our In-Rinse Fabric Booster. Anti-static, softening that won’t clog fabrics, and more. Inspired by activewear, designed for all laundry.

Clean Up Your Laundry

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