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Fitness Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Swolemate


Let your gym buddy know how much you appreciate them – no matter how sweaty they get

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Swolemate

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we are here for you when you start looking for a gift for your swolemate. From workout gear to formal wear, there is something for everyone on this list. Enjoy this gift guide for your gym partner on Valentine’s Day!

Fitness-themed formalwear

Barbell Cufflinks | $15 on Etsy

Workout clothes are an obvious gift – but what about something to wear to an interview, wedding, or date night? These cufflinks are such a fun and unique gift for your workout partner! Gift them some adorable barbell cufflinks so that they can carry around their love for fitness even to their most decorated outings.

Fitspiration Journal

Gratitude & Fitness Journal | $17 on Fitlosophy

A thoughtful gift for any fitness-lover in your life, a fitspiration journal gives them a space to catalog any hopes, dreams and fears they have for their fit lifestyle. Giving them a space to set goals, express thankfulness, track their daily workouts and food; this journal is sure to motivate and inspire your gym buddy!

Fitness Tracker Accessories

Fitbit Flex 2 Accessory Bangle | $60 on Amazon

The perfect addition to an athletic, yet chic, lifestyle: a Fitbit accessory bangle is an instant style upgrade. Functional enough for the everyday but lovely enough for a party, this gift is definitely a winner! Sold in gold, rose gold, or silver, you are sure to find the color for your athleisure partner.

Fitness Gear Cleaner

HEX Performance Anti-Stink Spray | $9.99

Does your whole squad hit the gym together? Give each of your gym buddies a gift that will change their lives for under $10! This cleaner works on everything they use – gym bags, exercise equipment, shoes, and that new partner yoga mat.

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Partner Yoga Mat

Square 36 Large Yoga Mat | $80 on Amazon

Perfect for those joint yoga sessions, you will feel especially close to your favorite yogi on a partner yoga mat! This large yoga mat is a six foot square that is the best size for a duo workout. As a bonus, you can also use this mat for a cardio workout, daily stretching or pilates.


Zeel In-Home Massage | Starting at $99 on Zeel

It’s no surprise that workouts are hard on your muscles. Gifting a massage to your fitness partner is a great way to show them that you care about them– and their muscles. A service like Zeel is available in major metro areas and lets you book the massage and have it administered in the comfort of your home!

Detergent for Fitnesswear

HEX Performance Essentials Bundle | $25.99 at HEX Performance

Planning on getting your fitness partner a new pair of high-tech leggings or a super nice pair of running shoes? This is a great add-on fitness gift to any workout clothes you might be giving your swolemate. Gift them some HEX detergent to maintain their expensive, treasured workout gear and keep it performing its best!

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Just what their workout gear needs

HEX: The Best Detergent for Workout Clothes

If you live with your workout partner, your exercise routine doesn’t end in the gym or at the end of the trail. It goes with you into the laundry room, which can be pretty gross! HEX is a new detergent, designed to clean modern fabrics. Wondering if laundry detergent can really be a gift? Truth is, we bet your husband or wife will love this stuff. Just ask PureWow!