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Forgotten Areas to Add to Your 2019 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Does your 2019 Spring Cleaning checklist need a refresh?

Spring is fast approaching and according to the groundhog, it will be here early! As we look forward to pleasant days, blooming flowers, and days in the park; we can also begin to look forward to our spring cleaning chores!

Whenever seasons change, we recommend washing your out-of-season-clothes and gear before stowing away. This applies for Spring Cleaning! To keep Winter gear smelling fresh, wash those winter coats, boots, gloves and snow gear before putting them in the closet for the next several months. But laundry isn’t the only thing we’re thinking about this time of year.

While there are the obvious Spring cleaning chores, like cleaning your carpet and dusting your ceiling fans, we’re here to champion some of the more obscure areas that you could include on your spring cleaning checklist list year.

7 Areas to Add to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Deep Clean & Clear Out Your Cabinets

When is the last time you took a look at the back of your cabinet? Probably a long time. Spring cleaning can be a great time to tackle the reorganization and cleaning of your cabinets. Take everything out and take this time to assess whether there are items that you won’t use. These could be donated to your local food bank (or thrown out if they are too old). Wipe out your cabinets, possibly change the lining, and then put everything back neat and orderly.

Bathe The Houseplants

Having plants in your home is a great way to recycle the air and provide your family with a fresher atmosphere. But even your plants can get dirty. Dusty plant leaves lead to less ideal air filtration since their surface is crowded. One essential spring cleaning tip is to give your plants a little bath. Just place your plants in the shower and give them a lukewarm spritz. This will not only lead to better air filtration but also to stimulate growth!

Tackle the Unloved, Hard-to-Reach Areas

It goes without saying that spring cleaning is the time to reach the places that you just don’t want to reach the rest of the year. This category includes some less than savory places but even those places could use a wipe down. Included would be behind the toilet, which can get pretty gross from lack of attention, but a quick mopping will do the trick. Move out your couch to vacuum underneath it and I’m sure that you will be surprised with what you find under there!

Redefine Your Space

Branching off of our last tip, moving out your furniture to clean underneath it also presents the best opportunity to rearrange your living space. Moving your furniture into new orientations can be a great way to give your home a whole new start and a fresh feel. And we are sure that you will be more motivated to clean the space far into the rest of the seasons to keep it looking that fresh!

Empty Your Closets

It can be a good practice to go through your clothing collection once a year and donate what you don’t wear; why not do so during the rest of your spring cleaning? Try the Marie Kondo method of piling every piece of clothing that you have into one central location. This mountain will be a perfect reminder that you probably don’t need that many tunics! Carefully go through the pile and determine what you absolutely love and what you haven’t worn since your best friend’s sister’s wedding last April.

Clean Your Washer and Dryer

It is often taken for granted that washers do a great job washing your clothes but not necessarily at washing themselves. Give your washer a thorough wipe down inside and out for a fresh new machine. Your dryer could also use some TLC. Check the exhaust hose for extra lint build-up. Excessive amounts of lint here could potentially be dangerous, so it’s a good practice to check every so often. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to clean the machines that clean your stuff year-round!

Deep Clean Your Clothes

This one might surprise you. While we all wash clothes year round, your laundry routine might actually need an update. If your clothes still smell after washing, check out this article on Washington Post about why your detergent might not be getting the job done.

Update Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be ordinary! Add those ideas to your cleaning checklist to give your home a facelift.

Spring cleaning is a busy time for your laundry room, too! Run that washing machine around the clock on bedding, curtains, shoes, and seasonal clothing. And after your closet clean-out, wash any clothing you’ll be donating. To prepare for all of this, add HEX laundry detergent to your spring cleaning arsenal! Bets are most of those clothes are made from synthetic fabrics. Want to ensure the longest wear of your favorite pieces? Then make sure to wash them with the detergent that was made for synthetic fabrics: HEX.