How To Get Smell Out Of Shoes

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Do your shoes stink? Here’s how to get smell out of shoes.

Smelly running shoes? HEX is the new best way to get smells out of shoes.

What's HEX? How to clean smelly shoes

You're here because you need a way to get smell out of shoes. We're here to help! Your shoes stink, and the baking soda and other DIY methods aren't fixing it.

We created HEX Performance to get stink out of all types of laundry, shoes, and athletic gear. It's built for modern fabric technology, and fights stink like nothing else! HEX has your solution for bad smelling shoes.

How to get smell out of shoes

How to machine wash shoes

With HEX and a washing machine, it's easy

For really smelly, dirty shoes, you need a deep clean. Most shoes are fine to go through the wash every once in a while. Just check for specific cleaning instructions from the brand, and avoid high heat.

  1. Follow the simple directions on your HEX Gear Wash.
  2. Toss in shoes and sneakers that can go in a washing machine*. Don't be afraid!
  3. Wash in cold water. Air dry or tumble dry in low heat

* Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions. You may also want to throw in a towel to muffle the noise of the shoes rumbling around.

HEX review: get stink out of shoes

How to deodorize shoes without a washing machine

how to deodorize shoes

How to wash shoes without a washing machine

For shoes that can't go in the machine, use HEX Performance Gear Wash to hand wash. You'll need a sink or bucket of water, a scrub brush, and some elbow grease.

How to deodorize shoes on the go

HEX Spray & Go is a super easy way to tame shoe odor. Keep a bottle of HEX Spray & Go around to clean, deodorize, and protect all shoes in between washes! All you have to do is spray, let dry, and go.

HEX Spray gets smell out of shoes

Get HEX for fresh shoes and laundry

Got more than just stinky shoes? All HEX products are designed to seriously clean and protect today’s fabrics. We guarantee to clean your toughest laundry problems, from musty towels to smelly leggings, and whatever else life throws at you.

The HEX Full Kit is the answer. These products are built to clean laundry, footwear, sportswear, gear, and all things sweaty. Pick up some HEX today, and you’ll get 20% off and free shipping! This is the best deal and it’s only here for a little while, so shop now!

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