Laundry Tip: Get Smells Out of Luggage


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Use HEX Spray to get bad smells out of luggage before traveling

How to get smells out of luggage

Did you just pull that old suitcase out of the dusty storage closet and put your clean clothes right in it? Hold up. Is that thing clean? Leaving items in storage sometimes leaves them with an odd smell or dust that you don’t want getting in your vacation clothes. Let’s take a quick step to get the smell out of the luggage.

HEX Performance Spray & Go gets out odors caused by mildew, moisture, sweat, and more. That’s why it’s perfect for luggage as well as footwear, sports gear, and even yoga mats!

how to clean a suitcase and get smells out of luggage
  1. Spray HEX Spray & Go all over the suitcase from about 6-8 inches away
  2. If it's dusty, wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth. Wipe any gunk from the handles and wheels.
  3. Let dry in a well ventilated area or outside on a dry day. Try to keep all pockets open while drying.
  4. Go! and bring us a souvenir!

Live Clean. Travel Clean.

Don’t sacrifice that clean feeling when traveling. Clean your clothes with HEX so that they’re actually clean and stink-free. You’ll save yourself from the need to spray fragrance all over your body at the hotel.

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