How To Get Stink Out Of Clothes

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Learn how to get stink out of clothes (and keep it from coming back!)

How to get stink out of clothes with HEX

Smelly clothes? You're not alone. Regular laundry detergents and DIY methods have failed and left you hanging out to dry.

Lucky for you, we solved stink. HEX Performance is a new laundry detergent. It's designed to actually eliminate odor, rather than masking it. Here's how to get rid of odor for good.

How to get stink out of clothes

How to wash running clothes and gear

With HEX, it's just 3 steps

  1. Follow the directions on your HEX Laundry Detergent package.
  2. Throw those smelly clothes in the washing machine.
  3. Adjust the settings based on the clothing care tags, and press start.

Always follow the instructions on the clothing care tag

HEX review eliminate odor in laundry

How does HEX get stink out of clothes?

Other detergents can’t clean stink

Traditional detergents weren’t built for modern fabrics. That means they can’t clean most of what you’re washing today. And so stuff stinks. You have to rely on heavily scented detergents and softeners to hide stinky clothes. But those just make the problem worse.

HEX solved stink.

HEX was built to clean modern fabrics. It actually cleans synthetics and all fabrics. With HEX, you’re washing out the stink caused by bacteria and all the residue that other detergents and softeners have left behind.

Truly amazing solution for stinky laundry

Get HEX, solve stink

Ready to get stink out of clothes, gear, and your washing machine? And keep it from coming back? Then HEX was built for you. We want you to try HEX on your smelliest laundry – we guarantee it works.

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