How To Finally Get Stinky Work Clothes Clean

We may not know how to do your job, but we DO know how to clean your stinky work clothes!

Think you’ve got one of the 15 stinkiest jobs in the world? Even if yours isn’t on that list, we bet your family knows not to stick their noses near your work clothes. The things you deal with at work sometimes follow you home. And in your case, they follow you in the fibers of your uniform.

Best laundry detergent for stink

We know, you’ve tried everything to get the stink out. Vinegar rinses. Overnight soaks in blazing hot water. Every scented laundry product in the aisle to cover the smell. You’ve used almost a whole jug of detergent to wash a load of nasty work clothes, and they still come out stinking.

Here’s something you haven’t tried

HEX Performance is laundry detergent that actually does what it’s supposed to do. Our customers have told us what a life saver HEX is for their work clothes or their husband’s work clothes! Check out what these folks have said on Facebook:

HEX detergent review for tech clothes

If you’re done trying all those soaks and using twelve different laundry products in one wash load, it’s time to try HEX. We guarantee you’ll notice a difference after switching.

How to wash stinky work clothes

Work is hard enough. Shouldn’t washing work clothes be the easy part? We think so! That’s why HEX created an easier way to get the stink out. Now you can remove the smells from your daily grind and even protect your clothes, helping them survive all the toil, sweat, dirt, and grime your job throws at you.

HEX Advanced Laundry Detergents

Choose the right detergent for you

Scent or no scent? Single dose or liquid? All HEX products are powerful enough to tackle the stink. That means you’re free to choose whatever you prefer, rather than being tied down to one option.

And our scent isn’t your granny’s rose perfume, either. It’s a clean, fresh, and bright scent that doesn’t linger. Because who wants to wear their detergent scent as their cologne, anyway?

Best way to wash stinky work clothes

Machine wash with HEX

The trick? There is none! Just use HEX and wash like normal:

  1. Add HEX detergent, following the directions on the bag
  2. Add those smelly work clothes
  3. Wash on normal settings

Better yet? We’re offering a guarantee. If you use the whole bag of detergent on one set of laundry items and you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll refund your purchase. Get the full details here.

Pro tip: Think you’ve got the smelliest job? Try adding a little HEX Gear Wash to the wash for even more cleaning power.

Defeat stink for good with HEX

where to buy HEX detergent

There's only one detergent for this tough laundry job. Get it today at a store near you, or shop HEX online through Amazon, Target, or right here on our site.

how to clean smelly work clotheshow to clean stinky work clothes (finally!!)

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