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The HEX Empty Container Guarantee

We believe in our product. A lot. In fact, we’re offering a guarantee: if you use the whole container of detergent –and no other products– on one set of laundry items and you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll refund your purchase.

HEX Empty Container Guarantee

HEX Performance activewear laundry detergent

Why the whole container?

HEX has to clean two major problems from laundry:

  1. Odor and grime from everyday wear. No sweat. HEX has it covered.
  2. All the pollutants and gunk left over from other detergents and additives. Also no sweat… but it can take some time.

It might take HEX a few wash cycles to purge everything that’s clogged in your fabrics. We know that’s a long time, but it’s worth it!

Think about it:

If you’ve washed these clothes 100 times in regular detergent, it’s probably going to take more than 1 wash in HEX to undo all of that.

And if you use HEX alongside other products that work differently, it’s going to counteract HEX’s cleaning power.

What to expect after 1 load of HEX

HEX washes out the everyday wear and use that causes dirt, oil, grime, sweat, and bacterial stink – which is more than traditional detergents can do. On top of the daily grime, HEX also cleans out the built-up issue from those other detergents that have clogged things up with things like fillers and softeners and trapped stink.

cleaner fabrics after washing with HEX

Cleaner laundry than ever, but it’s not magic– it’s science.

HEX detergent cleans better – with testing to prove it. When it comes to cleaning odor, HEX blows the competition out of the water (or washing machine).

HEX Detergent: Proven To Clean Odors Better

In third party testing, HEX eliminated odors associated with sweat, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Meanwhile, traditional laundry detergents actually caused odors to GROW wash after wash.

See the results
Smelly Gym Clothes

Super smelly clothes? HEX gets better with each wash.

Depending on the level of bacterial odor trapped in your laundry, it can take one wash, five washes, or sometimes a full size bottle of HEX to completely cut through the built up stink. Either way, trust that HEX is doing its job.

How HEX Works

Cleaning Up Their Mess

Those blue detergents leave residue

Reversing their damage

Other detergents are often actually making things worse. At the very best, they’re not cleaning, they’re masking. But more often than not, they leave behind residues that clog fabrics and trap odor and grime.

dont use blue detergent on yoga clothes

Removing their residues

Those residues hang on each time you wash and re-wash your clothes. And they trap the additional sweat since your last wash. So the reason your “clean” clothes stink is because they’re not actually getting clean at all.

Pro Tips

How to deal with the worst-smelling laundry:

  • We wouldn’t suggest adding more HEX than the recommended dosage. This is a common misconception in laundry – what ends up happening is that there isn’t enough water to rinse out the extra detergent. This can leave unwanted residue on the fabric.
  • Soaking the item in a solution of HEX and water before washing can help to pull the smell out.
  • Using HEX In-Rinse Booster in addition to HEX Detergent can help.
  • If you’re still having trouble, contact us! We believe in our product and want to help you get the best clean possible.

What are you waiting for?

Try HEX & Get Clean

HEX Anti-Stink laundry detergent