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HEX In The Press: January 2019

hex detergent in the press

It’s a new year, and that means we’re all thinking about resolutions and getting healthy. These editors have highlighted HEX as must-have items for maintaining the technical fabrics you wear to reach those goals.


You’re Probably Washing Your Sports Bras Wrong

Using a detergent that’s specially formulated for fitness apparel, like HEX, will ensure your clothes are actually getting clean without any of the potentially harmful effects of old-school detergents.

9 Spectacular Gifts Your Cycling Friends Would Adore [2019]

Cyclists spend good money on durable pads, helmets, and clothes to stay comfortable through a long ride. Health and safety are both high concerns, so a detergent that deep cleans and maintains cycling gear is crucial. HEX can be a great gift for any athlete because it’s designed to take care of their favorite performance gear. And when gear lasts longer and stays fresh, they’ll have nothing holding them back.

popsugar fitness

In Fitness and in Health — Gear to Power Your Goals For 2019

My favorite gym shoes, which my dog likes to sleep on, have been resurrected by this miracle spray.
the inventory

In Fitness and in Health — Gear to Power Your Goals For 2019

Jolie Kerr has made a name for herself as a cleaning expert. With an advice column and a podcast (appropriately titled Ask A Clean Person), she helps people solve all types of messes. So when she sees new gym-goers struggling to stay clean despite the sweat, she shares her expertise. For properly washing workout clothes, Jolie trusts HEX.

It is truly not a bad idea to invest in a sports detergent. I love HEX.

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HEX in the Press

We're giving them something to talk about. And it's laundry detergent. Find out what makes HEX so newsworthy– from sources like Runner's World, Men's Health, Real Simple, and more.