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HEX in the Press: They Call HEX The Best

hex detergent in the press Let’s give ’em something to talk about. How about laundry?
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The 7 Best Sport Laundry Detergents to Buy in 2019

Verywell Fit is one of the top resources for health & fitness tips. Running expert Christine Luff shared the top detergents for cleaning sweaty sportswear, and HEX is high on the list. If 7 seems like a lot of detergents to buy in a year, don’t worry. HEX is the only one you’ll need.

A powerful formula that strips away the body oils, sweat, and bacteria that get trapped in your exercise clothes.
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7 Ways You’re Washing Your Workout Clothes Wrong

Keeping workout clothes clean is real simple when you’re using HEX. But if these common mistakes are plaguing your workout wardrobe, we want to help you fix it. P.S. this isn’t the first time Real Simple has shared their love of HEX products.

The Laundry Mistake That’s Ruining Your Sports Bra

Not one, but two HEX features this month on Real Simple. They know that sports bras are the most crucial piece of workout gear for most women. And therefore, how important it is to care for sports bras properly.

the inventory

Five Sports Detergents For Every Kind Of Gross Workout Gear

We’re well into 2019 now, so if you’ve renewed your workout habit as part of a resolution, those gym clothes might be in need of some special attention. Jolie Kerr, cleaning expert & host of Ask a Clean Person podcast shares what makes HEX a top contender on The Inventory.

HEX was designed specifically to remove odors from and prolong the lifespan of synthetic and blended fabrics
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HEX Detergent Founder Wants You To Know You’ve Been Washing Your Synthetics All Wrong

Forbes contributor Meggen Taylor knows first-hand what a challenge it is to get synthetic fabrics clean. In fact, she was so intrigued by HEX’s solution that she spoke with Drew about his story, the path to HEX detergent, and how HEX cleans differently to solve today’s laundry problems.

[HEX products] are extending the lifecycle of expensive clothing items that weren’t properly being cared for with the other detergents in the market.
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13 Ways You’re Washing Your Clothes All Wrong

Live your best life by not ruining clothes in the wash. Certain laundry practices are fine for traditional fabrics like cotton, but not great for synthetics.

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The 5 Best Laundry Detergents

TODAY Home reached out to laundry experts to weigh in on the best laundry detergents. Experts like Sydney Rosenberg, co-founder of spncycl — a laundry service based in Washington D.C. for gyms and fitness studios.

I love HEX because it actually removes the sweaty smell from clothing
– Sydney Rosenberg, co-founder of spncycl

Get The Best Detergent

HEX has been the talk of the town, for good reasons. With a unique formula that cleans effectively yet gently, HEX is a life-saver for all kinds of laundry doers. Ditch those old laundry mistakes, and start taking care of your synthetic fabrics with the only detergent built to clean them.

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HEX in the Press

We're giving them something to talk about. And it's laundry detergent. Find out what makes HEX so newsworthy– from sources like Runner's World, Men's Health, Real Simple, and more.