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HEX In The Press: They Say HEX is the Best Fitness Gear Cleaner

HEX in the press:

5 Products You Need If Your Gym Clothes Stink

The Health & Fitness editors at know how tough it is to clean workout clothes. Sweat smells linger even after washing, and bacteria gets stuck deep in the fibers. When you invest in technical gear to get fit, you need advanced solutions to maintain that investment.

If you or your family washes a lot of workout clothes and sports gear, this is a must-have.
Dapper Confidential HEX In The Press

Best Sneaker Cleaners to Keep Your White Sneakers Fresh

Dapper Confidential asked the experts at HEX Performance for tips to clean sneakers. Sneakers can make or break your look, and the key is keeping them clean. Dirty, scuffed sneakers don’t have a place in today’s athleisure style. But with HEX Gear Wash and Stain Remover, you can keep your favorite shoes clean.

mapmyrun how to care for under armour

Why Technical Fabric is Crucial For Runners

While young runners and athletes might think workout clothes have always been synthetic, many runners have transitioned from all cotton clothing into these technical fabrics. Fitness journalist Ashley Lauretta explains what sets technical fabrics apart from their cotton ancestors. And no matter your age or gender, all runners are familiar with the smell that can linger in these synthetic fabrics during marathon training. Fabric experts recommend washing these clothes with HEX Performance.

HEX Performance, which is dye-free and clear of any synthetic scents, still has the power to get the grime, smell and sweat out of your technical fabrics.

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HEX in the Press

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