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HEX in the Press: Who What Wear Reveals Laundry Secrets

hex detergent in the press Let’s give ’em something to talk about. How about laundry?
leggingswho what wear

Fitness Pros Share Secrets for Making Leggings Last Longer

Who What Wear asked Michelle Polera, a Virginia-based SoulCycle instructor, her secrets for keeping workout clothes fresh through tough rides. Her pro tip? HEX Detergent. If you want workout clothes that last longer than a New Year’s resolution, start with laundry day.

Michelle washes her outfit with HEX detergent. It removes any harsh odors but remains delicate on the fabric.
The Washington Post

This Is Why Your Workout Clothes Still Smell After Being Washed

In The Washington Post, writer Elizabeth Mayhew investigated the smell that so many people find in workout clothes. As she discovered, “most of us are not working out in clothes made from natural fibers such as cotton that can withstand hot temperatures. Instead, we are wearing clothing made from synthetic fibers that require cold water washing, so the sebum is literally sticking around.”

HEX targets bacterial stink with its proprietary science
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Keep Your Tri Apparel Fresh With These Odor-Eliminating Options

Tri life is not always a glamorous life. As any triathlete (or family member of a triathlete) knows, tri life is dirty. Triathlete Magazine recommends HEX Anti-Stink Spray as one of the best gear deodorizers.

HEX works while you wait: Spray liberally and let it dry.
Inc startup - HEX Performance

13 All-Star Founders Share the Single Best Piece of Advice They Ever Received

Founder Drew Westervelt didn’t make HEX to be a product that follows its ancestors. That’s why he says, “The best advice I’ve ever received came from my father who told me, ‘Lead – don’t follow.'”

Get The Best Detergent

HEX has been the talk of the town, for good reasons. With a unique formula that cleans effectively yet gently, HEX is a life-saver for all kinds of laundry doers. Ditch those old laundry mistakes, and start taking care of your synthetic fabrics with the only detergent built to clean them.

bess carter

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HEX in the Press

We're giving them something to talk about. And it's laundry detergent. Find out what makes HEX so newsworthy– from sources like Runner's World, Men's Health, Real Simple, and more.