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What are HEX Points?

Every time you purchase something through, you earn HEX Points. What do these points do? It’s simple! They add up automatically (it’s basically magic, just like HEX). When you get 100 HEX Points, you can use them for $1 off your next HEX purchase on

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Add any HEX product to your cart and visit the cart. You’ll see that when you purchase, every dollar spent is a HEX Point earned. And yes, we round up.

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We recently launched two programs that we think you and your friends will love. The first is our referral program: get discounts toward detergent for you and anyone you refer to HEX! The second is our empty bag guarantee. We know our product works, so we want you to put HEX to the test. If you use the whole bag and you’re not satisfied, you don’t have to pay. It’s that simple.