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How Athleisure Clothing Is Changing Tides on Laundry

Athleisure: an entirely new clothing category has surfaced in the 2000’s. What does it have to do with laundry?

Athleisure Clothing and the Laundry Category

Athleisure is taking over, but it requires different cleaning

athleisure clothing and the laundry industry
laundry-cleaning-is-an-8billion-dollar-category athleisure-is-expected-to-be-an-83-billion-dollar-category-by-2020 over-60-percent-of-wash-loads-are-synthetic-fabrics

Source: Forbes

wearing sports bra while cooking

Activewear, everywhere.

Have you taken a close look at the styles and fabrics people are wearing these days, not on the runways but in everyday life? Chances are, everywhere you look you’ll see athleisure clothing made of synthetic fabrics.

If you’re not familiar with the term “athleisure,” it refers to people wearing clothing and accessories that are designed for physical activity in unathletic settings. In other words, this term fits when you see people wearing yoga pants on an airplane or a sports bra under a warmup jacket while shopping.

Activewear isn’t just for exercise anymore. Regardless of whether people are hanging out at home, shopping, traveling, or at work, people are incorporating tons of athleisure pieces into their wardrobes. And why wouldn’t we be, collectively? These pieces tend to be comfortable and functional at the same time. In general, they flatter the body, wick sweat, help control body temperature, and move with your body. Fashion retailers have adapted to the trend, including “athleisure” as a dedicated section of their stores.

Why should you rethink laundry if you wear a lot of athleisure pieces? It’s important to know that you should be cleaning your synthetic fabrics that are made for fitness differently than you would clean other pieces in your wardrobe.

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Activewear Is Cut From A Different Cloth, Literally

HEX-Activewear-Detergent for moisture wicking fabrics

You’re wearing woven plastics

An element that’s common to all athleisure wear is its synthetic fabric. Whereas people used to wear a lot of natural fabrics like cotton, we are now sporting synthetics more than ever. Activewear clothing that people wear to embody the athleisure lifestyle is made with nylon, rayon, spandex, and other synthetic materials.

In fact, American loads of laundry are now made up of more than 60% synthetic and blended fabrics.

Synthetic fabrics give you great benefits for working out and are nice for athleisure, but they need to be cleaned differently than natural fabrics. Since so many of our pieces are now synthetic, this means we need to clean the majority of our laundry better.

So even if you’re hanging out more than working out in your fitness clothing, you still need to care for these fabrics as an athlete would. That means targeting the bacterial stink that comes from sweat. Since athleisure wear tends to wick sweat and hold it, it can trap that stink tighter than other clothing, making it difficult to get fully clean and smelling fresh.

What’s Wrong With Laundry Detergent?

dont-wash running shirts with traditional detergent

Their formulas were built for cotton and other organic fibers

How does synthetic athleisure clothing need to be cleaned differently from natural fabrics? It might seem like you should use more laundry detergent or wash your athletic wear more often. You may know by now that fabric softener is bad for workout clothes. But the main issue is the laundry detergent itself. No matter how much you wash your athleisure fabrics with regular laundry detergent, it won’t get completely clean.

Traditional detergents were made for natural fibers like cotton. Activewear and synthetic fabrics weren’t created until much later than these detergents, and the traditional detergent formulas were never changed to advance along with changing fabrics.

We’re using yesterday’s chemistry on today’s fabrics, and it simply isn’t keeping up.

The result: regular detergents leave behind bacterial stink

While regular laundry detergent does have its purpose of taking out dirt and stains, it’s not getting rid of the bacterial stink that settles into clothing, especially synthetic activewear clothing. So if you tend to wear these pieces as athleisure wear, you’re not getting your clothing completely clean with regular detergents.

Athleisure wear actually works against you in the effort to keep it clean because it’s designed to take sweat from your body and hold it there. It ends up collecting and holding the odors caused by bacteria, and it can keep the odor even after it goes through the wash with a traditional detergent.

Bacterial Stink

These detergents try to hide their inability to combat the smell by covering it up with a strong chemical fragrance.

Truly clean laundry doesn’t need a heavy scent but is neutral instead. The chemical fragrance added to the detergents only worsen the problem by creating more buildup and trapped stink on the fabric.

The Trick To Cleaning Athleisure

After a while, you might think that throwing away your athleisure wear and starting over is your only way to combat the stink. But outdated detergent isn’t your only option.

wash athleisure clothing
how to clean fitness apparel

A totally new laundry detergent

HEX Founder realized that traditional detergents weren’t getting the job done with his own sportswear. So, he began developing HEX specifically to work with modern synthetic fabrics and to target the bacterial stink that’s settled into these fabrics. This advanced detergent was made with activewear in mind. Since HEX is designed to target dirty fitness clothing from the heaviest workouts, it will have no problem handling the same type of clothing worn within athleisure looks.

What makes HEX different? The HEX Molecule

Sure, it might seem like just another type of detergent. But HEX was made by scientists with different chemistry from the outdated formulas. Its advanced cleaning power was designed to target the sources of stink. HEX molecules penetrate the synthetic fabrics found in athleisure wear to reach the deeply set grime. These molecules also leave behind protection that helps prevent bacterial stink and stains from settling in again.

HEX is a super green laundry detergent, despite the powerful clean

While HEX is science-driven, it’s also natural and environmentally friendly.

It features a green formula that’s biodegradable, friendly to the skin, and free of fillers and dyes. While it’s more advanced at destroying bacterial stink than outdated detergents, it’s actually more natural and green. And it doesn’t use heavy chemical fragrances as a coverup. Instead, it leaves the clothing neutral and free of odor. Or you can use the scented option that gives off a light, refreshing scent. Our scent isn’t there to mask odor– it’s simply for a pleasant laundry day.

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The Key To Fresh Athleisure Looks

Athleisure clothing has infiltrated every area of our modern lives. Its benefits of better movement, moisture wicking, breathability, and more extend beyond exercise and improve our daily lives no matter what we’re doing. But you can’t throw athleisure clothing in the wash with the same outdated detergent you’ve been using for natural fabrics. When you wear athleisure clothing, you need to take into account the synthetic or blended fabric it’s made from. It gives you the benefits of activewear to fit an athleisure lifestyle. But it can’t be cleaned like your other comfortable clothing made out of cotton and linen.

When you clean it properly with HEX detergent made for synthetic fabrics, you can get the most out of your athleisure wear. So you can stay confident that you look and feel fresh.