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How to Clean and Care for Sports Jerseys

It’s time to tackle the fear of washing your sports jerseys. You’ll really shine on the field with a clean, protected sports jersey thanks to the modern cleaning technology of HEX.

Caring For Sports Jerseys

soccer uniforms

Your toughest laundry issue is their source of pride

Whether it’s the sweat of a basketball player or the stains on a soccer uniform, athletes’ jerseys can be a challenge to clean. And it’s tempting to just throw in the towel when you know they’ll be running around in the mud anyway! But schools often encourage athletes to wear their uniforms all day on game day, making the simple piece of fabric a symbol of pride for any young athlete.

Ensure a clean jersey on game day

HEX has tips for properly cleaning all kinds of sportswear. Yup, even your all-time favorite player’s jersey that you proudly display on game day.

Tips For Cleaning Sports Jerseys

wash jerseys inside out

Turn Jerseys Inside Out When Washing

Turning your jersey inside out before washing will help to protect the lettering and embroidery of the jersey. You don’t want to risk losing the numbers of your favorite quarterback or linebacker in the wash, do you? Pro tip – baseball jerseys should be unbuttoned before washing to avoid any unwanted button losses or loosening.

Check Your Machine Settings

While you might think that dirty clothes need hot water and long cycles, synthetic fabrics like jerseys often don’t do well with high heat. When washing your jersey, set your washing machine to cold water and a gentle cycle. If the jersey is particularly caked with sweat, grime, or food stains, using a regular cycle would be perfectly safe!

clean sports jerseys

Wash jerseys with similar items that won’t snag

Before of laundry risks! Zippers and buttons risk snagging the mesh fabric. Denim can transfer dye, staining white jerseys with blue tint or spots. Check any pockets for other potential laundry disasters, like chapstick or pens. And be careful to not wash brightly colored jerseys with light-colored clothing to minimize the risk of color transfer onto your regular clothes. It can be a good practice to wash your jersey with bath towels.

clean jerseys with hex

Use HEX Detergent. It’s built with synthetic fabrics in mind

HEX is designed to target the stink and eliminate the bacterial odor of modern fabrics, unlike other detergents. Use HEX to clean your sports jerseys without the fear of damaging them or masking unwanted scents. Be confident that your sports jersey will emerge clean and protected from future stink.

air dry sports jerseys

Air dry whenever possible; tumble dry low if you must

The best way to dry your sports jerseys is by hanging them up or laying them flat. Avoid putting your jerseys in the dryer as it can damage the lettering or even melt the polyester fabric.

how to clean field hockey jerseys

Need a quick fix? HEX Anti-Stink Spray to the rescue

You don’t need to be afraid to wash your prized jersey with HEX, but if you would rather not wash it often, then treat with HEX Anti-Stink Spray in between wears. To ensure a fresh, clean scent at the next big game, just spray gear with HEX Anti-Stink Spray and air dry.

Shop HEX for Game Day Success

Get HEX today so your jersey can be ready for game day and your friends and family can enjoy a stink-free after party.