How To Clean Towels

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Learn how to clean towels. Musty, sour smelling towels are a bad way to start your day! Start the morning right with fresh towels washed with HEX detergent.

What's HEX? How to clean workout clothes

Musty. Sour. Smelly towels. Not a good way to start the morning! Refresh your smelly bath towels and keep that stink away with this new laundry detergent.

HEX is here to truly solve your stinky laundry. We built a powerful detergent for modern fabrics that's also eco-friendly. Learn how to clean towels – and remove the residue from old detergents – with new HEX Performance.

How to clean towels

HEX - how to clean towels musty smell

With HEX, it's just 3 steps

  1. Follow the directions on your HEX Laundry Detergent package.
  2. Toss musty towels (and any other laundry too!) in the washing machine.
  3. Set to regular settings and warm water. Press start!

Always follow the instructions on the fabric care tag. If you're washing all dark colored towels, we recommend colder water. For a load of all white towels, you may choose to use hot water.

HEX review on wet dog smelly towels

How does HEX remove musty smell from towels?

Regular detergents and softeners are the problem

The reason your towels stink might surprise you. You know that moisture causes mildew, and that stinks. But did you know that traditional detergents are doing nothing to fix it? They just cover mildew smells with fragrance, so you think your towels are clean. But once you use them, they smell again. That’s because detergents and fabric softeners coat fabrics. That residue builds up and gets really stinky. HEX is different – it actually removes the residue! HEX eliminates odors caused by mildew and bacteria, leaving your towels like new again.

Powerful 6-in-1 formula

HEX was built from scratch with modern fabrics in mind. Our eco-friendly formula gets rid of stink and stains. That means you no longer need to use fabric softener, dryer sheets, or bleach on your towels. (Bye bleach stains!) We didn’t stop at clean, either. HEX’s unique property also protects fabrics, meaning the laundry gets better each time you wash.

How to clean towels without bleach

Get HEX for soft, clean towels

Vinegar, baking soda, and detergent aren’t working. It’s time to rethink laundry. For musty bath towels, sweaty workout clothes, and everything in between, trust HEX. Featured on Cool Mom Picks, cleaning blogs, and more, you know HEX works. Plus, we guarantee it. Get HEX laundry detergent and fabric booster today for 20% off and see for yourself!

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