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How To Clean An Ugly Christmas Sweater


Christmas cookie crumbs and spiced cider stains? No worries.

How To Clean an Ugly Christmas Sweater

how to clean ugly christmas-sweater washing instructions

Always check the tag before washing

Your sweater may be made of polyester, acrylic, or a blend of fabrics. It also might feature decorative sequins, attached ornaments, or even lights. Before washing, check the tag and consider if all ornaments on the sweater are safe to go in the washing machine.

christmas sweater

Pay attention to the features on your Ugly Christmas Sweater

When choosing a sweater for an ugly christmas sweater party, you’re looking for the most outrageous designs. Here’s how to make sure you can wear it again next year (or next week, if that’s your thing).

  • Sequins
    Washing clothes with sequins can be tricky. Hand washing is a safe bet as long as the tag doesn’t say “dry clean only”
  • Embellishments
    Fabric embellishments, like the candy cane on the sweater pictured, can be washed. Just make sure nothing in the washer could catch onto the piece. Wash the sweater separately or at least in a mesh bag.
  • Ornaments
    Non-fabric ornaments may be removable for washing. If not, you may need to stick to hand washing, dry cleaning, or using a fabric freshener spray in between cleanings.
  • Lights
    If your sweater actually has lights strung through it, do not put it in the wash. If possible, remove the lights. Then, wash according to the instructions on the tag.

Washing Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

Now that you know how to tell if your sweater is machine washable or hand washable, here’s how to wash it properly.

Step 1: Treat stains, if necessary

Treat a variety of party stains with HEX Laundry Odor & Stain Remover.

get stains out of ugly christmas sweater

Step 2: Wash

HEX Detergents are built for modern fabrics – like the polyester, acrylic, or cotton blend that your sweater is likely made of. Wash the sweater according to the tag instructions: most likely in cold water, or a gentle cycle. Or hand wash. Since these sweaters need to be washed gently, you need a detergent that deep cleans and protects the fabric.

washing a christmas sweater
HEX molecule cleans and protects winter fabrics

The HEX Molecule protects Winter fabrics even after the wash

While regular detergents might get things clean in the washing machine, HEX detergent uses a unique technology that continues working after the fabric dries. So washing with HEX means your clothes stays protected from the elements (and christmas cookies).

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