How To Dry Sweaters Without Stretching or Shrinking Them

Learn how to dry sweaters properly to keep them fresh, soft, and fitting you perfectly.

Once you’ve figured out how to wash sweaters the right way, make sure you’re drying them the right way too! Shrinking sweaters in the dryer (or getting stretch marks from hanging them) is all too common. And easily avoidable. Read on and never shrink a sweater again!

How to dry sweaters

without shrinking or stretching them

Drying sweaters is a conundrum. If you put it in the dryer, it shrinks up and looks like it’s your kid’s sweater. But if you hang it up, it stretches and gives you unsightly shoulder dents.


Lay a clean, dry towel down on a flat surface and let your sweater air out

All you need to properly dry a sweater is a towel and a mostly flat space. Be sure to leave plenty of time for your sweater to air dry thoroughly. You can usually get away with putting a sweater in the dryer on low heat for 5-10 minutes to help speed up the process. If you want a more careful solution, there are also drying racks with mesh tops to dry sweaters.

  1. Roll the sweater up in a clean, dry towel and squeeze out excess water.
  2. Lay the sweater flat on another clean, dry towel or drape it over a shower curtain rod to dry completely.
  3. Another option is to try a mesh drying rack for sweaters
how to dry sweaters

This mesh drying rack from Target is great for drying sweaters without shrinking or stretching them

That was easy!

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how to dry sweaters without shrinking or stretching themHow to wash and dry sweaters without ruining or shrinking them

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