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How To Get Buffalo Sauce Stains Out Of Clothes


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If you’re hosting a party for the big game this weekend, you’ve prepared the menu and the decor. While prepping the snacks and drinks, don’t forget to prepare for the aftermath – stains.

HEX Stain Remover get buffalo sauce stains out

The real competition this weekend: HEX vs Buffalo Sauce. Who win come out victorious?

How To Get Buffalo Sauce Stains Out

Buffalo sauce – on wings, in dip recipes, and more, is an MVP tailgating appetizer. But, it can also be a tough opponent for your clothes. That’s why we tested HEX Stain Remover on buffalo sauce stains to make sure you’ll be prepared for any spills your tailgate brings.

buffalo sauce stains clothes

really hot sauce, real stain test

5 Steps for Removing Sauce Stains

  1. Rinse the spot with warm water ASAP.
    When it comes to stains, take a timeout and tackle the matter at hand before returning to the game. rinse buffalo wing stains
  2. Apply HEX Stain Remover to stain.
    Spray liberally on and around the stain stain remover spray for buffalo sauce stains
  3. Work the HEX solution into the stain, creating suds.
    The vibrant orange will fade to a light peach. HEX stain remover spray sauce stains
  4. Let sit for a few minutes, then rinse.
    We rinsed immediately since there was quite a bit of sauce still on the fabric. Upon rinsing, our saucey orange stain was no longer visible. If treated immediately, the stain may disappear here! getting stains out of kitchen towels
  5. Reapply Stain Remover if necessary, and wash with HEX Detergent.
    When possible, clean out any remaining sauce or color in a wash cycle with the warmest water the fabric allows. wash out buffalo sauce stains

The Results…

HEX Stain Remover Defeats Buffalo Sauce Stains!

buffalo-sauce-stain removal

Removing stains from jerseys

Sporting your prized jersey to watch the game? No need to be afraid of dips, beers, or sauces. All HEX products are built to clean modern fabrics, so HEX Detergent, Fabric Booster, and Stain Remover are perfect for cleaning sports jerseys.

  1. Rinse the spot with cool water ASAP
  2. Apply HEX Stain Remover to stained area
  3. Work the HEX solution into the stain
  4. Let sit for 5-30 minutes
  5. Wash with HEX Detergent & cold water