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How To Make Your Favorite Leggings Last Longer

Your favorite pair of leggings can be a relaxing Saturday morning or an intense sweat session. But when it comes to washing these beloved pants, we’ve got new rules.
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Want Leggings That Last?

Start with Laundry Day

At this time, we don’t know of any magical pair of leggings that come with a lifetime guarantee. People have started to accept that their stretchy leggings have a shorter lifespan than cotton denim. Workout clothes are tossed when they lose their luster and hold a funky smell. And unlike cotton, at this rate there likely won’t be a huge market for vintage leggings 50 years from now.

But at HEX, we’ve discovered that the fabric isn’t really the problem. It starts with laundry detergents.

Maybe you don’t want to spend any more time than necessary thinking about laundry. And that’s fine! With these tips and HEX Detergent, washing even your priciest leggings will be as easy as a stroll through the park.

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5 Rules for Washing Leggings

  1. Stay away from fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and bleach.
  2. Ditch regular detergent for good. Stick with HEX to keep odors away and keep leggings performing longer.
  3. Try to wash leggings after every wear, especially if you’re sweating and if odor is a concern.
  4. Wash new leggings with HEX to help prevent stink.
  5. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat, if you have absolutely no time.

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Fitness Professionals Share the Secret to Making Leggings Last Longer

Of all people, fitness instructors are well aware of the challenges involved with cleaning stylish, high-performance workout clothes. Cycling instructors are fitness fashion icons. And you can bet their closets are full of every type of legging. That’s why Who What Wear asked Michelle Polera, a Virginia-based SoulCycle instructor, about her secrets for keeping workout clothes fresh through tough rides. Her pro tip? Use HEX Detergent.

After a workout, Michelle washes her outfit with HEX detergent. It removes any harsh odors but remains delicate on the fabric.

Get The Best Detergent

HEX has been the talk of the town, for good reasons. With a unique formula that cleans effectively yet gently, HEX is a life-saver for all kinds of laundry doers. Ditch those old laundry mistakes, and start taking care of your synthetic fabrics with the only detergent built to clean them.

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