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How to Properly Clean Fitness Equipment


Wiping sweat away with a towel won’t clean the bacterial stink from exercise machines, benches, and mats. Here’s the best way to clean fitness equipment with HEX Performance.

How to Properly Clean Fitness Equipment

ways to clean fitness equipment

Let’s face it, exercise can be gross. There’s a lot of sweat, and that sweat can carry bacterial stink. You might wipe down the sweat with a towel, but that won’t take care of the bacterial stink or grime that transfers to the fitness equipment.

This means that the gym equipment, floor mats, and other gear you use can be harboring stuff that smells and is dirty. But if you work out a lot, you probably already know that. So let’s not focus on the stink and the grime. Instead, let’s talk about how to clean your workout equipment to tackle the bacterial stink.

Whether you’re exercising at the gym or in your own home, it’s a good idea to keep your machines, gear, and clothing clean. Of course, recommendations differ by the type of items you’re using. So what’s the best way to clean your fitness equipment?


Is bacteria growing on your gear?

Dirt, sweat, body oil, and grime all linger on fitness equipment and apparel. The smell alone is bad enough, but if this grime isn’t cleaned, it’ll multiply. Smelly laundry is breeding bacteria, which can cause health risks and wear out fabrics faster.

Common Ways to Clean Gym Equipment

There are some common methods people tend to use to clean exercise equipment at home or at the gym. Many gyms provide spray cleaners to use on the machines, but they don’t all have that option available and not everyone prefers the gym’s spray. Some people bring their own disinfectant sprays or wet wipes in their gym bags so they can wipe down the machines and yoga mats.

While active people often use store-bought sprays or wipes to clean equipment, it’s also common for them to make their own cleaning solutions in a spray bottle. They might use these sprays at home or even bring them to the gym. These solutions might include mixtures of water with vinegar, borax, or dish soap. These homemade cleaners are then used with microfiber cloths to clean rubber floor mats such as yoga mats, as well as machines and free weights.

While these methods may be common, are they really working? These sprays, especially the homemade kind, may not be taking care of the bacterial stink. Common household cleaners aren’t designed for fitness and sweat. And the store-bought disinfectant sprays are usually filled with harmful chemicals that don’t fit with a healthy lifestyle.

The Best Way To Clean Fitness Equipment

how to clean fitness equipment with HEX Performance

What’s the best way to clean rubber floor mats, free weights, benches, and exercise machines? You have the right idea with spraying and wiping, but you want to choose a spray that’s designed for fitness. HEX Anti-Stink Spray is ideal for cleaning fitness equipment because we designed it for just this purpose. It’s made to target bacterial stink on fitness equipment, gear, and clothing and accessories.

This spray doesn’t just cover up the odors with heavy perfumes. Instead, it’s a deodorizer spray that eliminates odors caused by bacteria. You have the choice of our Free + Clear option that neutralizes odors or our Fresh Clean Scent option that destroys bacterial stink and leaves you with a light freshly laundered scent. Both types target bacterial stink and grime, so the choice just comes down to whether you want a fresh scent or no scent.

Cleaning fitness equipment is just the kind of situation that calls for sprays. Machines, benches, mats, and other types of equipment are tough to clean effectively, but a spray cleaner gives the perfect solution. You can easily use this HEX Anti-Stink Spray on different types of fitness equipment. It works on any surface that’s able to get wet.

How to Clean Fitness Equipment with HEX Anti-Stink Spray

Just spray the deodorizer spray directly onto the equipment’s surface, and once it’s dry, it has done its job. But if you prefer, you could instead spray it onto a cloth or a wipe to wipe the surface down. Best of all, you can toss this spray in your bag to take care of odors no matter where you are.

HEX sports gear-deodorizer spray
  1. Spray equipment liberally from 4 to 6 inches away.
    Items with heavy padding might need more spray.
  2. Let dry completely.
    Turn on a fan or leave in a well ventilated area to dry, by a window or air vent.
  3. That’s all!
    Just reapply regularly to maintain effectiveness.

And unlike chemical-based cleaning sprays, HEX is natural and eco-friendly. The formula is biodegradable and free of dyes and optical brighteners, while it comes packaged in a recyclable steel can. The spray has no CFCs or VOCs. So you can feel good about this choice as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Anti-Stink Spray
Free + Clear

Got shoes, sports equipment, or workout gear that stinks but can’t go in a washing machine? HEX Anti-Stink Spray was designed to solve that problem. Get the amazing benefits of HEX in a convenient spray that you can take with you anywhere. This eco-friendly, fragrance-free spray actually cleans and protects. Perfect for yoga mats, running shoes, hockey gear, and more. Just spray, let dry and go.

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Anti-Stink Spray
Fresh Clean Scent

Got shoes, sports equipment, or workout gear that stinks but can’t go in a washing machine? HEX Anti-Stink Spray was designed to solve that problem. All of the amazing benefits of HEX, built into a spray to take with you anywhere. This deodorizer spray actually cleans & protects your performance gear and fabric – now with a light, fresh scent. Perfect for yoga mats, running shoes, hockey gear, and more. Just spray, let dry, and go.

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How to Clean Synthetic and Performance Clothing

how to clean fitness apparel

How to Clean Fitness Apparel with HEX Anti-Stink Detergent

And while you’re cleaning your fitness gear, don’t forget to properly clean your workout clothes. There’s little point in keeping your equipment clean when you’re carrying bacteria on yourself. Cleaning your clothing might seem as simple as throwing it in the washing machine, but normal detergents aren’t able to combat the bacterial stink on the synthetic and performance fabrics we wear to work out.

For this purpose, we developed HEX detergent, which is advanced enough to thoroughly clean the modern fabrics people tend to wear today.

You can use this detergent for any gear that can go in the washing machine as well. This could include certain shoes, caps, football pads, and any other machine washable item. It’s also perfect for your workout towels and the reusable cloth you used to wipe down your machines. And when you need to target bacterial stink but don’t have time to go through the full wash and dry cycle, spray on some HEX Anti-Stink Spray and you’ll be ready to go.

Anti-Stink Detergent
Fresh Clean Scent

The unique, eco-friendly HEX molecule eliminates everyday sweat, stink, stains, and grime from all your laundry. You want a nice smell when you open the washer door, but not one that’s overpowering or irritating. HEX’s Fresh Clean Scent leaves your laundry cleaner than ever with a light, fresh fragrance that doesn’t linger.

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Bacteria on your body digests sweat and creates that musty odor. When you work out, you end up getting stinky sweat all over workout equipment. We all do. The sweat and odors give telltale signs that fitness gear isn’t clean.

But it’s safe to assume some bacterial stink is on your equipment even if you don’t notice it, especially if you’re working out in a public space with machines and mats tons of people have used before you. It’s smart to make cleaning your equipment part of your workout routine. And don’t forget to clean the stuff you put on your body as well.

Get HEX Today for Clean Fitness Gear

We hope this post helps you understand how to clean exercise equipment. And HEX Spray and Detergent will keep your equipment and clothing clean and smelling fresh to take one more hassle out of working out.

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