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How To Read Laundry Symbols (+ Free Printable Laundry Tag Chart!)

What do these laundry symbols mean? Let’s spell out how to read those confusing laundry care tags

You want to wash your brand new shirt properly, but it can be tricky when you have no idea what the care tag is telling you! This handy chart will tell you how to read laundry tags. Make laundry day easy with HEX and print out this laundry symbols chart!

Free Printable! Laundry Care Tag Chart

Print this PDF out and keep it in the laundry room for easy translations.

Click here for the printable PDF
how to read laundry symbols - laundry tags

Common laundry care symbols on activewear

If you cut the tag off and want to make sure you’re washing your workout gear right, check this handy sheet of activewear laundry symbols! Make sure to wash with HEX Performance Advanced Laundry Detergent to keep activewear performing and stink-free.

activewear care guide with laundry symbols

Modern laundry care guide

HEX laundry detergent for all fabrics

60% of today’s laundry is synthetic fabric. Your cozy fleece is made of polyester. Even your favorite denim has a bit of spandex for that comfortable stretch! Lately we’ve seen more and more “activewear” fabrics blending into regular laundry.

So what about those towels that are 100% cotton? Should you use regular detergent for cottons and a sports detergent for synthetics? That sounds logical, but after a few years we all get a bit of permanent stink in towels. Regular detergents have disappointed us, from towels to yoga pants.

That’s why HEX is made for all laundry!

We love making things simple, so this little laundry guide is our key to successful cleaning.

laundry care guide with laundry symbols

Clean. Easy.

HEX gets your clothes truly clean and feeling good- even when the laundry symbols tell you to use cold water, delicate cycle, no bleach, and no fabric softener!

Rethink Laundry; Rethink Clean

rethink laundry

It's time to rethink your laundry routines. In our Rethink Laundry series we begin to explain why HEX is different. From our packaging to our formula, we've changed. Fabrics have changed. Shouldn't your detergent change too?

How to read those confusing laundry symbols