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How To Remove Static Cling Without Dryer Sheets


Ditch the dryer sheets for a natural static removal alternative.

Static cling is one of the biggest laundry annoyances — especially in the Winter. But traditional dryer sheets fall flat when it comes to caring for the environment, sensitive skin, and even your fabrics. Here are the best ways to remove static cling naturally.

The Causes of Static in Laundry

what causes static in clothes?

What causes static in clothes?

In the dryer, fabrics tumble and rub against each other. As the air in the dryer dries out, positive-charged and negative-charged electrons are forced to meet. If they don’t “zap,” they cling.

Is static more common in the Winter?

Yes, you’ll generally notice more static in your laundry in the cold winter months. That’s because the air is dry, and the lack of moisture makes it easier for static electricity to form.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Dryer Sheets

what are dryer sheets made of?

The problem with dryer sheets

It’s simple: they apply a coating of fabric softener onto your fabrics while the dryer is hot. That coating bakes onto the fabric. Dryer sheets may give you a softer touch and prevent static, but they also clog the fibers of your clothes.

So while dryer sheets seem like a cheap way to remove static, it comes at the steep cost of ruining your clothes and harming the environment.

did you know dryer sheets are damaging your clothes?

The Eco-Friendly Ingredient for Static Removal

HEX Molecule

The HEX Molecule: a natural fabric protector

New to the laundry category, the HEX Molecule introduces a host of fabrics benefits. Now you can fight static cling right in the wash cycle, with a bonus of lasting protection after the dryer.

The Best Ways To Remove Static Cling

When it comes to removing static cling in laundry, you might think dryer sheets and fabric softeners are your only options. The downside of those decades-old products is that they can be damaging to modern fabrics, bad for the environment, and irritating to sensitive skin. Banishing static shouldn’t come at the cost of ruining your clothes. What can you do instead?

HEX Performance Laundry Detergent

Clear the clutter and get a detergent that does more. HEX’s 6-in-1 formula harnesses the power of the HEX Molecule. It naturally reduces static cling right in the wash cycle, saving you time and trouble.

How to: Use in place of your current laundry detergent for stink, static, and stain-free laundry.

HEX Performance In-Rinse Fabric Booster

While regular fabric softeners and scent boosters can wear out your clothes, HEX revives them. HEX products are built with modern, synthetic fibers in mind, making this booster the first laundry static remover safe for all fabrics!

How to: Use in place of fabric softener. Always use with HEX Detergent.

HEX Fabric-Booster-Laundry-Static-Remover

Still Clingy? More Ways To Remove Static

wool dryer balls remove static

Add wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls are made of 100% wool fabric to decrease drying time and static cling.

How to: Add 2-4 dryer balls to the dryer with laundry. Reuse for months!

wire clothes hanger for static removal

Use a wire hanger

About to leave the house and notice your shirt is relentlessly clinging to you? Here’s a quick fix – and a way to reuse those wire clothes hangers from the dry cleaner.

How to: Run a wire hanger across staticky clothes

air dry clothes to reduce static in laundry

Air dry, or dry separately

While you don’t need to separate fabrics when washing with HEX Detergents, it can be a good idea to separate in the dryer if static is a big problem for you. Dry cotton clothes and hang up or separate your synthetics to dry.

How to: Air dry workout clothes (it’s better for the fabric anyway!)