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How To Wash Moisture Wicking Clothes


Have you started working out in moisture-wicking fabrics, only to find a lingering sweaty smell that you can’t get rid of? Here’s how to wash moisture-wicking clothes.

What Are Moisture Wicking Fabrics?

When it comes to workout clothes, technical features are as important as style. Wickability means that the fabric has a special function that help keep you cool and comfortable while sweating. These fabrics do two things: first, they move (wick) sweat from your skin and the inside of the fabric to the outside layer of fabric. Second, the fabric dries quickly. With moisture-wicking shirts, you can run, hike, and train for hours without having to change your shirt.

HEX-Activewear-Detergent for moisture wicking fabrics

What Does Moisture Wicking Mean?

From outdoor clothing to high fashion activewear, the term, “moisture wicking” is just about everywhere these days. The top athletic brands have their own names for their patented fabric technology, but many other manufacturers are also producing moisture-wicking fabric to get in the game.

Branded names for moisture-wicking fabric:

  • Dri-fit nike swoosh
  • Climalite adidas sportswear
  • Luxtreme lululemon
  • UA Tech fabric under armour logo
Dirty Laundry Secrets-sweaty workout clothes

How to Wash Moisture Wicking Clothes

Clothes fresh out of the washer shouldn’t still smell like the sweat from your workout. If they do, you’re probably using the wrong laundry detergent. Most traditional laundry detergents aren’t able to completely clean modern wicking fabrics. A new kind of detergent can make all the difference!

Use the right detergent for workout clothes

HEX Anti-Stink Detergent uses a modern formula designed specially to clean synthetic and moisture-wicking fabrics. By properly cleaning these newer fabrics, HEX provides a solution for when clothes still smell after washing them.

While HEX was created to solve your smelly synthetic fabrics, it’s safe on natural fabrics and blends too. So you won’t have to separate, and every piece of clothing will come out clean. It’s as easy as wash, dry, fold (like laundry should be!).

Wash with HEX after every workout

Using the right detergent for workout clothes is the key. The rest is easy!

  1. Add a dose of HEX Anti-Stink Detergent to the machine with your sweaty activewear.
  2. Wash in cold water, and air dry or tumble dry low.
  3. Done! Clothes come out fresh and protected.
best tips for washing workout clothes-washing machine

Bonus tips for getting moisture wicking clothes clean

  • Never use traditional fabric softener.
    HEX In-Rinse Fabric Booster was built for synthetics, and it’s the first fabric-safe laundry additive!
  • Air dry.
    Most performance fabrics last longer when you’re in the habit of air drying them. Plus, they dry super quickly and you save energy.

Common Mistakes When Washing Wicking Fabric

the problem with fabric softeners
  • Using traditional detergents

    That regular old detergent is doing damage on your workout clothes. They weren’t built for modern synthetic fabrics and are only trying to catch up, covering odor with extra strong fragrances.

  • Adding fabric softeners and dryer sheets

    Fabric softeners reduce the wickability of fabric drastically. Learn more.

  • Using too much detergent

    Doubling the detergent dose could actually leave your clothes smelling worse. When you use too much detergent, the wash cycle can’t rinse out all the soap, and your clothes are left with a residue.

hex detergent in the press
mapmyrun tips for runners
under armour mapmyrun detergent for workout clothes

“HEX Performance, which is dye-free and clear of any synthetic scents, still has the power to get the grime, smell and sweat out of your technical fabrics.”

HEX Detergent-in Shape Magazine
HEX Press - HEX Performance in SHAPE Magazine

“Try a soap designed for athletic wear, like HEX, which skips the additives that can trap germs.”