How To Wash Polyester

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Learn how to wash polyester. Cleaning polyester and other new synthetic fabrics requires a new laundry detergent.

You’re probably ready to throw out those smelly polyester clothes if you can’t find a way to clean polyester. But don’t throw them out just yet. HEX detergent is your solution.

What's HEX? How to clean workout clothes

Polyester fabric is extremely popular today for its versatility. Think about it - everything is polyester! It's often used in workout clothes for its ability to wick sweat and stretch. However, you're probably here today because you've noticed those clothes are tough to clean. They're smelly!

You're ready to throw out those stinky clothes if you can't find a way to clean polyester. But don't throw them out just yet. HEX Performance detergent is your solution.

How to clean polyester

how to wash polyester leggings

Use HEX detergent for synthetic fabrics

  1. Follow the directions on your HEX Laundry Detergent package.
  2. Toss polyester clothes in the washing machine. And add other laundry while you're at it - no need to sort!
  3. Use cold water. Press start!

More tips for cleaning polyester:

  • Don't use bleach when washing polyester fabric
  • Ditch fabric softener and dryer sheets (HEX naturally softens and prevents static cling!)
  • Avoid high heat in the washer and dryer
  • For really smelly items, give HEX a few washes to get through the built-up detergent residue. We guarantee HEX will work.
Always follow the instructions on the clothing care tag. HEX is also great for hand washing delicates.

How to wash polyester clothes

Why is HEX the best detergent for polyester?

Detergent for modern fabrics

You might not have noticed, but over 60% of your laundry is probably synthetic or blended fabrics. HEX is the only detergent on the shelf actually built to clean these modern fabrics. Polyester is basically woven plastic. It’s different, so it needs to be cleaned differently. HEX is built with new technology to clean those new fabrics and your traditional cottons. So your Nike dryfit shirt will finally be clean again.

Designed to defeat stink

Traditional detergents have been talking stains for decades. But we discovered that the biggest laundry problem people face when cleaning polyester is not stains. It’s stink. We discovered that when clothes stink, it means bacteria is growing. HEX’s 6-in-1 formula is built to clean the stink and stains that those detergents have trapped in your laundry. It gets stink out of the clothing you thought you had to throw away!.

How to wash polyester with HEX review

Get HEX to clean polyester

Now that you know how to wash polyester, laundry day’s gonna be a lot easier. Ditch the vinegar, baking soda, pre-soaks, and scent boosters. Whether you’re washing a thick polyester jacket, a thin tank top, or a load full of running shorts, the solution is the same. HEX is all you need to get smell out and deep clean polyester clothes and gear. Featured on Runner’s World, Men’s Health, and POPSUGAR, you know HEX works. Try it today with this special deal to see your yourself!

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