How To Wash Under Armour

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How to wash Under Armour clothes, shoes, and accessories.

If you workout a lot, you need good workout clothes. Under Armour has quickly risen up as one of the best fitness apparel brands. Here’s how to wash and maintain Under Armour. Keep it lasting long and stink-free, through the toughest sweat sessions.

What's HEX? How to clean workout clothes

You've got the cold gear, heat gear, and the everyday lifestyle clothes. You've got the workout routine down. Now you've got smelly, sweaty laundry.

Drew Westervelt– a pro athlete from Baltimore– realized nothing in the laundry aisle was getting the foul smell out of his Under Armour sportswear. That's why he created HEX Performance. It cleans and prevents odor in technical fabrics, giving you seriously clean workout gear. So here's how to wash Under Armour clothes and gear.

How to wash Under Armour

How to wash running clothes and gear

3 steps to clean workout gear:

  1. Use HEX Laundry Detergent. This is the most important part. Why HEX? Because regular detergents only hide sweat smells under fragrance and coat the synthetic fabrics, making the problem worse.
  2. Add Under Armour workout clothes to the machine.
  3. Almost all UA clothing recommends cold water. Press start!

Always check the instructions on the Under Armour clothing care tag (before you tear it off!) But when in doubt, cold water + HEX + air dry or tumble dry low is your best way to go.
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More tips for cleaning Under Armour

  • Never use traditional fabric softeners or dryer sheets
  • Avoid bleach!
  • Cold water is best for workout clothes
  • When drying, use a low temperature or air dry

What makes HEX the best detergent for Under Armour?

smelly polyester shirt

Your current laundry detergent can't clean technical fabrics.

Traditional detergents weren't built for the synthetic fabrics in today's workout clothes. And now, over 60% of average laundry loads are synthetic or blended fabrics. But since nobody cleans synthetics, your sweaty clothes are left stinking.

HEX actually cleans differently. It gets the stink out. And we're so confident that you'll love HEX that we guarantee it.

Detergent for synthetic fabrics

Gym clothes aren’t your only synthetics. Over 60% of average laundry is synthetic and blended fabrics. HEX is the only detergent on the shelf actually built to clean these modern fabrics. Fabric has changed, and cleaning needs to change too. HEX’s new technology cleans performance fabrics as well as traditional cotton. So your heat gear running shirt will finally be clean again.

Designed to defeat stink

Traditional detergents talk stains. But stains aren’t your biggest laundry problem. It’s stink. We discovered that when clothes stink, it means bacteria is growing. HEX’s 6-in-1 formula is built to clean the stink and stains that those detergents have trapped in your laundry. It gets stink out of the clothes you thought you’d have to throw away!

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Get HEX for seriously clean sportswear

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Sweat is part of your daily routine. Sweaty laundry piles show your hard work. Unfortunately, you’ve had to resort to throwing out workout gear when you can’t find a way to get the stink out! We don’t want you to trash good clothes, so we’re giving you a special 20% off! HEX is the best solution to clean Under Armour cold gear, heat gear, Under Armour shoes and cleats, yoga tanks, leggings, hats, and more. If you have a specific item you’re struggling to clean, send us an email or Facebook message and we’ll be happy to help.

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