Does Your Laundry Detergent Work For All Fabrics?

Sports detergent for workout fabrics, and regular detergent for regular fabrics. But actually, none of your clothes are getting clean.

Clothes are clothes, right? So shouldn’t the detergent you’ve used for years on regular laundry work on workout clothes? Actually, all clothes are not made equal. And the newer fabrics in today’s laundry need a new cleaning system. Does your laundry detergent really work on all fabrics?

And should you use a sportswear detergent for just sportswear? Sure, seems to make sense. But the same synthetic fabrics in your workout clothes are also in your casual and work clothes. Here’s why that matters:

Cotton Cleaners

Traditional laundry detergents were designed for traditional fabrics

They try to clean natural fibers. They can’t clean synthetic fibers. But not all laundry is cotton. And not all laundry should be treated like cotton. Traditional laundry detergents really shouldn’t be used to wash all laundry!

Laundry tricks

Those detergents also use things like optical brighteners which literally only make your clothes *look* cleaner, brighter, and whiter. These optical brighteners don't clean anything. Most of the ingredients that make up those blue laundry detergents (brighteners, softeners, and fragrances) are there to trick your senses into thinking your laundry is clean.

Sportswear Detergents

They’re for workout clothes, and nothing more

Sports. Sweat. Spandex. Aaaand the bottle collects dust after the marathon’s over. But sportswear isn’t the only thing in laundry made of nylon, rayon, spandex, and polyester.

the problem with sports detergents

The biggest problem with most "sports" detergents is that they're just regular detergent with a "sporty" scent and more fragrance to hide those sweaty smells. Those detergents haven't innovated anything. They've just noticed the problem and attempted to cover it up.

detergent for golf shirts modern work shirts

So what about the golf shirts, stretchy jeans, and dress shirts with 3% spandex? Truth is, most of what people wear on a daily basis is the same fabric as those high-performance workout clothes.

Fact: More than 60% of what you're washing is synthetic
But sportswear detergents are too harsh for daily use. Most of them are just regular laundry detergents with more fragrance to hide the stink. And regular old blue detergents can't clean synthetics. These brands are all trying to catch up, but they're just putting out the same old product with new scents.

HEX Performance Laundry Detergent

Actually cleans all fabrics

Spring clean workout clothes and all laundry with HEX by NYCPretty

One better laundry detergent for all fabrics

Once you realize that HEX actually cleans the stinkiest workout clothes (and your old detergent only pretends to clean) there’s no reason to keep that old, dingy detergent.

Where to buy HEX Performance

HEX is not just a sportswear detergent. We make laundry detergent for all fabrics. HEX makes it easy to live clean (without a cluttered laundry room full of products).

An advanced detergent to use daily on the advanced fabrics you wear daily

Rethink Laundry; Rethink Clean

Rethink Laundry - HEX Performance

It's time to rethink your laundry routines. In our Rethink Laundry series we begin to explain why HEX is different. Fabrics have changed. Shouldn't your detergent change too?

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