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Laundry Tip: How To Tell If Clothes Are Colorfast

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Use a cotton swab to see if your clothes are colorfast before washing.

cotton swab to test colorfastness

How this laundry tip works

Stop clothes from bleeding, save laundry day

With some clothes, like dark denim, dyes can bleed when they get wet or rub off on other things. These clothes need to be washed separately or with very similar colors, or else you’ll be pretty disappointed when you open the washer.

It doesn’t need to be a cotton swab– a white cloth will do the trick. If color comes off on the cloth, then the garment is not colorfast and dye may transfer in the wash.

Can You Remove Dye Stains?

Wonderind what to do if it’s too late, and you’ve already got dye stains on your clothing? Try soaking the stained item in warm water for at least a few hours. Then, treat the stains with HEX Laundry Odor & Stain Remover and run the clothing through a wash cycle with HEX Detergent.

Denim dye stains may appear as a blue tint or blue spots. It will likely take a few washes to remove (remember, this stuff is designed to stay!) but the accident can be corrected.

Bonus Laundry Tip: Get HEX Detergent

An advanced laundry detergent for everyday use. HEX eliminates sweat and stink, so you don’t need to rewash laundry. But the powerful formula is fabric-safe, designed to protect the fibers for clothes that last.

HEX Detergents protect fabric colors

“Color retention” is a laundry-nerd way to say HEX keeps your brights and your blacks from fading. All without leaving behind residues like those other detergents.

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